Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pickle Classes

Pickle Class Photos! Check out my newsletter on my website for class details. Don't look at the class listing because I haven't updated it yet. But the newsletter has all the details! They changed things again so I became confused when I tried to update my website so I have to call Troy for help!
Call the store at 320-629-9960 to sign up!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Have To Tell You

The other day Lauren was invited to a birthday party and Ella was disappointed she couldn't go. So we usually try and do something fun to keep her mind off of it. She picked supper at McDonald's in true Ella fashion. As we were going in to McDonald's she said to Ron: "I wish I had a different Dad." Ron said: "What?" Ella said: "A new Dad would get a happy meal." So I put two and two together that she wanted Dad to get a happy meal so she could have a boy toy and a Pony! So we sat down to eat and Ella was munching on a french fry and asked Ron: "What kinda meal did you get Daddy?" Ron replied "A double cheeseburger." Ella looked up at him and asked "Is that a sad meal Daddy?" Ohhhh that girl just cracks me up!

Lately we've been having trouble with our satellite company and I was mad because we didn't have TV again! Ella told me I should just spank their a_ _es! Now who uses language like that in our house?

Jessica's January Card Class

Jessica droped off her cards for her January class yesterday. They are super cute I just absolutely love them! Each time she brings in samples I am simply in awe of her work! We haven't set a date yet, I'll let you know when the class will be held.

I am out on bail!

So I did it, or should I say we did it? Thanks to all of you who came to my rescue today during my calling brigade! I really appreciate all of your donations today. There still is time to donate, the sooner the better, but you have up to a month to do so on the link below.

I'll confess, I did a lot of grumbling about having to go and put in my time today. Then I started thinking about how what if I was the parent of a child with MD or any other illness. Which person would I rather be the one helping with the fundraising or the one needing help? I have been blessed with three healthy children and know just how lucky I am. That's when I got off of my rusty nail and said I am going to do this with a smile on my face and my Marni optimism and make the best of it. And do you know what? I enjoyed myself in spite of the one naysayer I ran across today.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So after about 10 attempts I finally have the MDA link working on the post below this one!

Hey I am pretty excited that I was able to finally do it!

Help Get Me Out Of Jail!!!

Yes you read it right I'm going behind bars for "good"! Thursday December 18th I'm going to jail for MDA! I've never done this before but I have to say it's been kind of fun!

I'm pleading for the generosity of all of you to help me reach my goal of $1600 by this Friday! Any amount will be appreciated by me and the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Donating is super easy all you have to do is go to:

The website walks you through the process which takes only a few minutes. They even send you an email receipt for tax purposes!

Thank you for all your support! Think of me Thursday while I'm sitting behind bars!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jessica's December Card Class

Check out the website for details on Jessica's new card class!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Class Listed

Don't forget to check out the new class listing on the web site. Tami Wood will be teaching another awesome card class. She's giving it to you at a special price with a door prize drawing!!!!

We Took A Little Day Trip

Ahhhh a day off...What to do? Really I needed to stay home and do laundry but I also needed some quality parenting time with the girls. Ron had a great idea to go to Duluth to the Aquarium. Off we went. I was so excited to see the empty parking lot, I love to go to places like this at the off time. We practically had the whole place to ourselves, loved it! So yes it was a little pricey, but we had a ton of fun and it was worth it.

I, like a good parent, had fed my family cupcakes for lunch so we were starving at this point. We've been wanting to eat at Hell's Kitchen forever so today was the perfect day Sunday 4:00 no crowd, just my style. I am a huge fan of Gordan Ramsey so I had to eat at a restaurant with the name of one of my favorite tv shows. Believe me this had nothing to do with Gordan. The ambiance looked cool, at first. Then it just seemed not so, I don't know. It's hard to explain but I have this thing about ragged menus. I HATE ragged menus it makes the place just seem dirty. So we waited forever for this food that was bragged so about in the ragged menu I had read. As I'm reading at how wonderful the food was at this Establishment I couldn't help but worry that I was going to have icky food.

So lucky me here came the food carried out by tattoo girl. I was horrified by the sight. (Not of tattoo girl because my daughter is a tattoo freak, but by the food!) Everything was overdone, well with the exception of Ella's burger that was pink. Yes PINK for a three year old, were they trying to kill her?! The restaurant is poorly lit so I thought how bad can these incredibly brown french fries be? Oh yes they were so overdone they were inedible. So tattoo girl came back to see how everything was and I only complained about the french fries, not my burnt toast on my club or my burnt bacon or Ron's fishy overdone fish. I asked politely if the fries were always that color? She said yes with a tone like: are you a crazy woman or what fries are always burnt to a crisp you idiot! So she went back to the kitchen and interrupted the party they were having to make a new batch of french fries. She brings them out and sets them down. Ron and I looked at each other with such disbelief. They were WAY undercooked, raw in the middle. Okay you know what, I'm over it just give them our $55.00 and lets get out of here.

Ron says he would like to try it again. I'm thinking I'll keep my $55.00 and buy something cool with it!

We Had Soooo much fun!

The cupcake crop was great! Thank you to all the croppers!

We had a group of 14 serious cupcake croppers! I loved the cupcakes that we got at the Rush City Bakery. But I have to say please do not ever frost cupcakes with brown frosting with a large tip in a swirl pattern. Imagine what that looked like...

Jodi was the winner of our special prize, and Peggy was Queen of the Cupcakes!

Everyone seemed to enjoy our cupcake card make and take.
I have decided to do a cupcake crop twice a year. Watch for other themed crops coming up. I've listed a few on the website already. We can take 15 croppers so sign up quick to reserve your spot. We do require payment at time of sign up due to the expenses for prizes, make and takes and other goodies.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Harvest Pumpkin Book

Angie has made a fabulous mini book creation out of a foam pumpkin! This tabletop mini book is simply irresistible.
This class is just in time for our holiday season. These would make great gifts as well as great tabletop displays.
Join Angie on November 22 at 2:00 p.m. to learn how to make this awesome creation. Please bring your basic tool kit as well as 6-8 photos that you would like to include in your mini book.
All classes and crops must be paid at sign up. Call 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot.

Souper Saturday Crops

Let us warm your tummy while you scrap all your memories! Crop with us from 10 – 10 on Saturday December 6th
Cost: $15.00 Eat from our wonderful soup bar while you try and get all of your holiday gifts ready. Pop, water and snacks will be provided. All of our croppers will also get to do a free make and take. Call the store to reserve your spot. All crops and classes must be prepaid.

Future Souper Saturday Crops will be:
January 17, 2009
February 21, 2009
More dates may be added.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm trying to line up...

I'm trying to line up a special guest to do the make and take for the Holiday Open House on November 8th. If things work out okay I'll let you know ASAP. We've got our fingers crossed! Trust me if this goes through you won't want to miss this make and take!

We've also decided to extend out Holiday Open House over two Saturdays. We will also be entertaining you November 15th as well! We will be doing another free make and take all day. We also have our cupcake crop going on that same day.

I'm trying to line up a special guest for that day as well. If it goes through I'll let you know as soon as I know! Keep your eye on the blog for details.

Holiday Crop

Join us November 8, 2008 for a Holiday Crop. We will be cropping from 10 - 10. All Holiday croppers will get to do a free Christmas make and take. Lunch will be Subway with a Pizza Pub dinner. Santa has left a gift for all of our holiday croppers come and see what he has left for you. The cost is $30.00 per person. Payment is due at time of sign up. Call 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot. Ho Ho Ho!


Wow did last weekend really happen or was that all a dream?!

The show at the River Center went great. We saw a lot of familiar faces and met a lot of great new people!

Savannah got lost both days trying to get there! I screamed both times I had to go down that parking ramp. You know I thought I was pretty cool as a teenager squealing my tires. It's not so much fun at 39! Miss Savannah also lost her car in the parking ramp. We were teasing Savannah about it while we were searching for her car and come to find out there was a guy wondering around looking for his car too!

So the stencil guy just about drove us crazy all weekend. If I ever do this again I will request a booth on the other side of the building. We totally memorized his spiel! That guy was quite the salesman.

On Saturday I headed up to Duluth to do my make and take for the crop up there. Wow, you guys really should check this crop out. It's for a great cause put on by the nicest women you could ever want to meet! The crop is in the lunchroom of this private school with a view that is simply breathtaking. They had an awesome silent auction with the coolest stuff! They feed you breakfast, Famous Dave's and Olive Garden! I think I should make their crop a mandatory employee meeting and get my girls up there to have fun! I was so happy to walk in and see familiar faces!

So I set off to head down to St Paul. I got a little lost so I ended up going down the hill. I heard what I thought was a jet airplane. I thought to myself, I didn't think Duluth had that big of an airport. Then a little while later I heard it again. I thought could that noise be me? No it must be a helicopter. Then I thought if it is my brakes they will cool off and be fine. I stopped in Hinckley to eat at Hardees before heading back to help pack up at the Rivercenter and I heard that same jet plane. Now I know Hinckley doesn't have an airport that can accommodate jet planes. IT IS ME! When I went to go through the light my van was making a horrible clunking noise. So when I safely got to Hardees I called my Mom to come and rescue me. So that put a stop to my drive down to St Paul at that point. So Ron when I complain about a noise in my van maybe you'll believe me next time! My van is back home and fixed. It was my brakes and they were completely shot. I guess after 163,000 miles I 'd be shot too.

I'm back to work tomorrow, it feels like I've been gone forever!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Excuse my mess

If you happen to pop into the store tomorrow please forgive the mess I have created! Lynn and I tore apart the store to do a trial set up of the booth for CKC. By the time we were done we had a huge mess! I didn't bother doing anything with it since I just have to pack it all up on Wednesday night. So I'm pretty excited about exhibiting this weekend. I'm really just anxious to get this week behind me so maybe I can start thinking of Halloween!
One of the room mom's from 1st grade asked if I had received her message about helping with the Halloween party next Friday. I had the deer in the headlights look because I did notice a message but have been either running out of the house or dragging myself into the house so I haven't listened to it. But little Ella saved me! Yes my 3 year old is more responsible than good old mom! She pipes up: "Yes, it was about the games." And she was right! The mom goes: "Yes that is right it is about the games!" I'm not sure how Ella knew this but hey maybe I will have an assistant one day! And she's family so she has to work for free! Really I just wanted to disappear! I really need to stop and refocus. I make myself too busy, and I'm not sure how to stop doing it!
Ron has been in Iowa to make life worse so I've been playing single mom for a few days. Okay so the next time I say what does he do all day somebody slap me! The girls and I made Carmel apples on Sunday and the mess is still there! I left it for Ron to clean up. You know we made these for you now you have to clean up trick! Anyone know how to get the Carmel out of the bowl or should I just throw the mess away! Note to self buy Carmel apples next time. Oh yeah, I decided we needed M&M's on them. The next day all the M&M's slid off. I took a picture of the mess! When Lauren woke up Monday morning and saw that her creation had slid off the apple she started to cry! I forgot the put them in the fridge step, oops!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Wow was I busy getting ready for CKC today! I've been checking in products like a crazy woman! Ron brought my display up to the store so we can get it all set up and looking cool for Friday. It's really going to look cool. Thank goodness for good friends and good junk. Just to let you know before you throw out anything that looks remotely cool call me first. A friend from WAY back stopped in the store and asked if I would like any doors. Wow, and they worked just perfect! I couldn't believe that someone hadn't told her I was looking for old doors! So if you get a chance Friday or Saturday stop down at the CKC event at the Rivercenter and check out my rockin' cool booth!

Monday, October 13, 2008

One Word

One Word...Cuttlebug!

Okay, okay have you ever known me to say one word? Two of my teachers have been going on and on about Cuttlebug (JK)! So finally I did it. I ordered two machines and a bunch of embossing folders.

So if you would like a demo on the Cuttlebug just stop in the store and we will show you how it works! I haven't even taken the time to play with it yet, but I'm sure I'll be tearing into the box tomorrow.

The two machines that came in are both spoken for but I'll be putting them on reorder. If you would like to preorder and prepay for your machine I will give you a 15% discount on the machine. This offer will be good until November 13th. Give me a call at 320-629-9960 and we can get your machine ordered!

Hello Unity Groupies!

Wow was I surprised with all the new visitors. I hope you all stop by often to check us out! Thanks for all of your kind words, I really needed it.

When I first saw Unity at CHA in Anaheim I was really impressed. It just took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon. But I am very happy I did! I have a great teacher at my store that really was the one who was behind the nudge to order the stamps. Jessica is super talented and has been using the stamps in the classes she teaches for me. One day we made a date to order the stamps. When she brought in her stamps and samples that was all it took I was in love with these stamps. What great designs and the value!

Jessica and I will do our best at spreading the word at how awesome Unity stamps are!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More New Product

I forgot that I ordered the Basic Grey Dark Chocolate albums, and Chocolate Chip albums! They are pretty cool. I also got in the buttons that go with the paper collections. The granola paper packs came in today too. Yesterday I got in a surprise package from Prima. More flowers!

I'll be teaching book club on Saturday. But other than that I'll be hanging out at home for the weekend.

We're having a little change in our class schedule. Both A Muse stamp classes will be on Saturday. We still have room in the 'Tis The Season class and Fall Fun class. You'll be learning great techniques with the Copic markers. This is a great chance to see that they are much more than just a marker!

We are offering kits for the Vintage Photo class and transparency class. Stop in the store and pick one up. If you can't make it to the store we would be glad to send you one! Get one before you can't!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More New Product!

Just when I think I'm done checking in new product Chris the UPS guy drops off another little box of fun!

Today I checked in new stamps by Rubber Stamp Tapestry. I love these peg stamps! The are awesome with flower soft. I ordered in a bunch of new Christmas stamps. Stop in and check them out.

Creative Imaginations sent me a box of Christmas fun. Ohhh I love the vintage Christmas. Hey even my husband thought it was pretty cool without even being prompted by me!

My reorder of stamp of the month came in today too. Wow these stamps are popular it's only the 7th and I already had to reorder!

I also got in a bunch of great baby papers as well.

So tomorrow I will be busy getting it all priced and put out on the shelves while dreaming of all the great projects I could do!

We still have space at the Friday night crop. Give the store a call or stop in to reserve yourself a spot. 320-629-9960

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall is in the air

What a fun day we had on Sunday! Every year we go up to Bayfield for the Apple Fest. Every year I say we should stop at this pumpkin farm we drive by. This year we stopped and what fun we had! This guy has tons of pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and more! The girls talked us in to going through the corn maze, twice! It was a beautiful day for it and who could resist? I have to say if you're in for a drive you must go here. There are no crowds, it's just a cute mom and pop kind of place perfect for great photos! I absolutely loved it! Next year we're going to go to Racheli's and get our gourmet deli sandwiches and have a picnic lunch. Racheli's has the most delicious sandwiches, crostinis and gorgonzola dip that you could ever eat! We've been stopping at Racheli's for about 2 years. The place is a work in progress, and the family is super nice. I have to say that the sons that work with the father are pretty hot Italian men. They leave me a little tongue tied! Both of these places are in Ashland WI about a 2 1/2 hour drive from my house but well worth it.

Oh and the Apple Fest it was great too! Tons and tons of people! It was another great parade and great apple pie. Too bad I spent all my money at the craft fair, pumpkin farm and deli I left without even one apple! Note to self, next time bring more cash!

By the way I'm trying to see if I can get Racheli's to cater one of the meals for the crop up in Bayfield for us in April. It will be under one condition, the hot Italian men must be the ones to bring the food!

Don's Berry & Pumpkin Patch
27190 US 2 West
Ashland WI 54806

Vikki Has A New Class

Vikki has a new class for you, One sheet wonder! Make 15 cards from one sheet of pattern paper. This is a great way to get a lot of cards done in a short amount of time. Is this the year you are going to send out handmade cards? Or have you sent out a million handmade cards and dred making them again this year? This is the class for you!

Date: October

Give us a call at 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot. Please bring your basic tool kit to class.

New Class To Add!

Jessica was busy today and brought in her class for November!

She made 5 beautiful cards, an adorable paper clip and a super cute sleeve that holds a powdered drink packet.

Jessica always has such great cards. I love the colors and the stamps she has used.

Jessica's card class will be Saturday November 15, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. The cost will be $15.00. If you can not attend the class kits will be available for purchase. Call 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot. Remember to bring your basic tool kit.

Class pictures

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fuzzy Dot Ribbon?

Oh yes, you are going to love this! I had to do a special order for a customer, and how can you just order one spool of ribbon? I can't so I had to order some super cool stuff with it. I'm loving the fuzzy dot ribbon! Thanks to Tami for the heads up about it! I also got reindeer ribbon, bats and ghosts.

You must stop in and check out our new line of stamps at the store. I promise you haven't seen anything like them before! I'd tell you what the new line is but you must stop in and see them for yourself!

New Cosmo Cricket came in I love the new Christmas line! The new black board is super exciting.

Stamp of the month is super cute. Get the new snowmen while you can he has been flying out the door! I have already reordered 3 different stamps.

I have been a busy, busy girl. So busy in fact that I just found a container of yogurt in my bag that has been there for two days. Ewwww! Do you ever have days that you think you have just about every minute planned out and suddenly a monkey wrench is thrown in and your whole day has been put upside down and shaken? Ya, that has been my week! Ahhh there's always hope for next week!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Poll!

There is a new poll at the bottom of the page check it out and vote!


What a fun and exhausting day. It is so fun to do events at the store, but very exhausting. Linda K summed it up today when she said it's like company coming! When I have an event at the store I put my all into it. I like to have the store neat and tidy, brimming with new product and I agonize what to bring in new to surprise all of you! It's so much fun to entertain at the store it almost feels like when I have a gathering at my house. Isn't that strange?

I have to do a shout out to my fantastic friends (how many times have I said that word today Marge Brown?) Speaking of Marge Brown! Hey girl you rock! We make a pretty good team, thanks for all of your late, late nights. I love our pep talks, you have great insight! Kris my neighbor from across the street from the hardware store! You knocked my socks off! You helped me so much I could never repay your kindness. Lynn B my new Sis! Wow the fabulous cookies, that awesome dip, and did you see how cute the front of the store looked today? Ya that was all Lynn's decorations from outside her house! She loaned the entire thing to me! Linda R thanks for your patience on the balloon run today! You are so good with our customers helping them find product, teaching them how to do projects, demoing... Linda K, you have so much patience. Thanks for your help on the countless make and takes. You my dear are one in a million! Mr Glenn K and Nathan, thanks for the nourishment! You gave us the steam we needed to help the crowds! Mom, thanks for all the time you donate with my children. If it weren't for you I would not be doing my life's dream! My girls will have the fondest memories when they are my age of their Grandma. Thanks for your time, love and patience! Oh my dear husband Ron. You deserve a medal for putting up with crazy me. I know some days you have to wonder what planet I'm from. Thanks for believing in me, I could have never done any of this without your help, support and time!

I couldn't run this store with out the help of all of you and many more people that help me out.

So it is time to look forward to getting in new products for the upcoming classes, ordering for CKC and the Crop in Duluth!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a Reminder

Just a reminder about classes. Make sure you sign up early for your favorite class coming up in October. We are going to accompany as many people we can so be the first to sign up to assure you have a seat or a kit!

Crops are filling fast. Make sure you get your friends together and pick your Friday soon! Keep your eye on the website for notification of Saturday 10-10 crops. We are now able to accommodate larger groups up to 16 for crops so if you have a large group that wants to come in for a Friday or Saturday crop just give us a call. 320-629-9960

Check Out The Website

Make sure you check out the website I've been adding events to the calendar that you won't want to miss!

I was very busy today getting clearance items out. We have pattern paper, rubberstamps, embellishments, cardstock and stickers. We have savings of 50% - 75% off. Make sure you stop in for the deals on Saturday!

We got in new Somerset Studio magazines. That is always a happy day for me, they are my favorite publications. The artwork is amazing!

The Fed-Ex guy brought new Fiskars product. I kind of dug through the box and found a lot of Cloud 9 super cute rain dot titles!

Stop in and see us this weekend!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Forgot To Tell You

Did I forget to tell you that we will be doing a booth at the River Center for the CKC event? I'm pretty excited for it and I've started ordering for the event. I'm bringing hot new products that most people are unaware of., so stop in and check out the event, I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Cupcake Crop

Did I tell you we're doing a Saturday Cupcake Crop? It will be so much fun. Of course we'll have cupcakes, a free make and take and a fluffy drawing! You'll be on your own for lunch, but we'll have Pizza Pub for supper! The cost of the crop will be $15.00. We're planning on doing it November 15, 2008 from 10-10. email me at if you are interested in signing up. Space is limited so sign up quick.

Retreat Center

Not only was the book club great fun but we had an awesome group of ladies in the retreat center too. It is so fun to get to know the people who stay with us! They sure kept us laughing and joking. Thanks girls for the fun!

The store was just buzzing with people this weekend, it sure makes work more fun! I'll be honest I had myself a little pity party this week, but leave it to great friends and awesome customers to turn it around!

Remember to stop in the store on Saturday for the free make and take and sale. While you are in check out the class samples they are pretty great. If you can't attend a class you will be able to purchase a class kit after the date of the class.

What Fun!

We had book club on Saturday and what fun we had! Not all of accomplished something but we sure had fun laughing and talking! We really do have a great bunch of ladies. We had two more sign up this weekend so now we are up to 12 of us.

Our kits were super cute. One is a holiday planner and the other a 6x6 mini book with the cutest snowman paper. We'll see what creations the girls come up with next month.

It is so fun to share our finished projects and to see what other people are up to. Donna did a fantastic Halloween mini book that takes your breath away. Watch out Tim Holtz this girl is good! Thanks again Donna for that awesome vintage scrapbook, that was so thoughtful of you! How did you know I would just love it?!?!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halloween Crop

Won't you join us for a spooktacular crop on October 24, 2008? We will crop from 5 - Midnight as well as do a make and take and a spooky drawing! How does Pizza Pub pizza sound with beverages and ghoulish treats? Call 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 10 ghouls so sign up soon! Cost of crop will be $15.00 .

Another New Class!

I begged Jessica to do another class, and she is! These 5 cards are so cute, you are just going to love them. She has 3 birthday cards, 1 Thanksgiving card, 1 Halloween card and 1 thinking of you card. Oh and I almost forgot the bonus treat holder! The colors and stamping techniques are beautiful. You'll get to use the new border punches from Fiskars, and the super cute circle scallop punch as well as Unity stamps!

The class will be October 4, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. the cost will be $15.00. If you can not attend the class kits will be available.

Sign up fast Jessica's class was sold out last time. Call us at 320-629-9960 to sign up, classes must be prepaid.

Please bring a basic tool kit to class that includes: Adhesive, glue dots, scissor and a pencil.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I have a computer!

Oh man, I've been with out my computer for at least a week. It caught some funny bug, but Travis fixed it! Yipee!
Where to begin!
We've been crazy busy at the store checking in new cool stuff. Just last night I checked in Making Memories Fa La La Line. I got in a ton of new Karen Foster, things like Sate Fair, Zoo, fall, Halloween, motorcycle, diy, marathon. Reminisce grade papers and stickers too.

The best new thing at the store are the Paper Dolls. Do not form an opinion until you see them, because I guarantee you are going to flip over these! Kris, whom is super cool and my neighbor down the street from the store, started making paper dolls. I kept bugging her to bring them in and show me. So she did, and I fell in love with them! I begged her to make me a bunch so I could sell them at the store, and she said yes! So make sure you stop in and check them out because I know you are just going to go crazy when you see them! The next thing I want her to do for us is titles because I know they will be just as fantastic. So stop in and check them out, Linda was selling them off the counter before we even had them in the computer!

Newsflash! New Classes! I have 3 new teachers! Can you believe it!? They are all from the Twin Cities area, and have been teaching various places for years. They each have their own awesome style and I can't wait for you all to meet them!

Here is the class listing I'll be putting on my website (with Troy's help!):

October 11,2008 10:00-Noon
“Tis The Season Card Class
5 cards for $25.00
Tami Wood is a new instructor for us. She has been teaching classes in the Twin Cities at various stores for years. She has agreed to teach us fabulous new techniques at The Pine City Scrapbooking Co Inc
Tami is a certified instructor for Copic Markers as well as Amuse stamps. Both of these products are new to our store so it will be wonderful to be taught just how to use these two great new products.
During the class you will learn to use Copic markers, glitter, liquid applique, as well as an interesting fold. These adorable cards will give you the jump start you need on getting your holiday greetings in order!
Please bring your basic tool kit with you to class.

October 11,2008 2:00-4:00
Transparency Techniques
4 cards for $17.00
Wendy Jannusch is a new teacher for us at the Pine City Scrapbooking Co Inc. Wendy has been teaching rubber stamping classes for five years. She graduated from Minneapolis Technical Institute in the Commercial Art Program with her emphasis on Design. She lives in White Bear Lake with her husband, Len and daughter, Emily. Wendy and Len own a small business called Alchemystic Arts, LLC. Wendy collects vintage photos and designs photo sheets for artists to use for card making and collage. Wendy loves to share her ideas with others and works to bring you her very best in her classes.
Silhouettes are very popular right now, especially when cut and placed on the many beautiful papers you will find in the store. Not every person wants to do all that tedious cutting, but many want the “look” of a silhouette. Now you can achieve that look with transparencies! In this class, you will make four beautiful cards featuring bird designs. You will learn how to use transparencies in your card making, as well as many secrets on how to attach them to papers and how to alter them. You will also receive a free handout detailing the class so you can remember how to do all the techniques you learned here. Please bring your basic tool kit.

October 12,2008 10:00-Noon
Harvest & Halloween
5 cards $25.00
Teacher: Tami Wood
This class will also be with Amuse stamps and Copic markers.

October 12, 2008 2:00-4:00
Vintage Photo Card Class
Teacher: Wendi Jannusch
If you are a fan of the many magazines sold here in the store, you may have noticed that a number of the creations are made using vintage photos. Now you can purchase your “instant relative” photos for use in your own art! You will learn how to select the right papers for the look you want. We will make four cards from the Vintage Cut Ups photo sheets being sold here. There will be samples of cards made with every single photo on the Vintage Cut Ups photo sheets on display in the store as well. Please bring your basic tool kit.

October 18,2008 1:00-3:00
Card Keeper
Don Waalen Is a new teacher for us as well. He has been teaching class around the Twin Cities as well as Duluth for years. He has a fantastic sense of style, from scrapbook pages, mini books to elegant cards. He does it all.
His first class for us is a card keeper which is bound by rings and holds 12 pockets for holding greeting cards by the month in which you’ll need them. Wow what a fantastic gift for someone, or keep yourself organized! The colors he has put together for us are just fantastic! I know that you will love this book, and probably make many more. Please bring your basic tool kit.

All classes must be prepaid.

Basic Tool Kit

Every student should have a basic tool kit. It should include a good scissors, adhesive such as double stick tape, single stick tape, mini Glue Dots, paper piercer, paper trimmer, a pencil, and a bone folder. If you do not bring these items to class, you may purchase them in the store before class.

So if you are interested in taking one of these classes just give the store a call at:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Products

I've been busy today, I checked in new products!

Flair- Christmas, Halloween and Easter?! (I'm ahead of the game!)

Moxxie- Track, Baby and Wedding

KI Memories- Back To School

Pink Paislee- Pop Culture and Vintage Moon. I love the transparency, and the chipboard TopSider is just super cool.

The new buy two get one free stamps are going over great. It's not too soon to be thinking about those Halloween and Thanksgiving cards.

People are loving the new Amuse stamps, you've got to see them. They are so cute you can't just pick one!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Lauren lost a tooth today. That's number two! She was so excited she has been wiggling it for weeks. She was very afraid that she would loose it in the pool at swimming lessons. Eating ice cream was very scary because what if she lost it in the white ice cream?! Tonight she had me scare her to see if I could scare it out. Then Dad kissed her goodnight and it came right out. Who knew?! Maybe now she'll be able to eat corn on the cob!

Ella had to take a look at it and just shuddered! That's okay Ella, when you had a boo boo at the pool Lauren almost threw up from the blood!

So she has it under her pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to come. Just in the nick of time too, we're off to MOA tomorrow perfect chance to spend a couple of bucks.


I finally got the new Amuse stamps checked in and put out today! These are so super cute! I didn't know where to start ordering these stamps because they were so cute and I wanted to order them all so I went for Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I did throw a couple of extras that I couldn't live with out!

I checked in the new buy two get one free stamps too. They did a great Halloween collection! I was impressed, they always seem to surprise me.

Here's what is waiting for me on Wednesday:

KI Memories

I warned the UPS guy today and let him know that I've tons of goodies coming in. He gave me the big eyeball roll!

Retreat center bookings are on the rise as people are planning their fall and winter weekends. Make sure you get together with your friends and book your weekend. We have great dates available!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not To Brag

I hate to brag about my retreat center, but I just have to share this with you.

Before we opened the retreat I wanted to do a dry run weekend. Well, it just didn't work out. This year my birthday ended up on 8-8-08, I told Ron hey you should plan a birthday party for me. Then I thought no, let me do my own planning. So I invited just a few friends to the retreat center for my birthday to finally do our dry run.

Oh my gosh, now I know what people mean when they say they don't want to leave. Neither did I! We all had a blast, even though most of us had to get up at the crack of dawn with 2-3 hours of sleep!

All my planning and agonizing really paid off. The things I freaked out about like no windows and no stove didn't even enter in my mind. We had so much food to eat no one went hungry. Windows, who needs windows we were too busy laughing, talking and scrapbooking to worry about what was going on in the outside world!

Can't tell you much about the beds as I didn't move the 2 hours I was in it! Loved the shower and dressing rooms. I do need to put a shelf in each for more room to put your things. Nothing a little trip to Menards won't cure.

We all had plenty of room to scrap. We did rearrange the tables to sit in a big square, but the pods in groups of 4 would have been just fine too.

Thank goodness for the wi-fi so I could google the words for Margaritaville for my flip flop book (you should check it out, it was for book club that I had to moderate the next morning!)

A special thanks to my friends at book club for putting up with me on 2 hours of sleep!

The table size was perfect. I am a super messy scrapbooker and even I had enough room. The lights on the table were just perfect because I hate fluorescent lights.

Chairs were perfect, but now I need one at home!

Yeah for the craft mats so I could xacto knife on my flip flop book and not pull something else out of my bag.

I loved that I could plug into my ipod and we could listen while working.

I love that we have a separate eating area so I didn't mess up my flip flop book!

We had plenty of counter space for food. I have great friends that can cook so we had 3 huge crock pots plugged in and one smaller one with chocolate! (Did I mention that we had awesome food?)

I love that the chairs rolled super easy on the cement floor. Actually Andrew wheeled himself into the kitchen for more food!

I thought it was pretty funny that Pat The Builder Guy crashed the party just as I figured. I know Heather was not impressed!

I was happy I only cried once!

It's not so bad being 39. But like Heather said after this I'll never get a year older. I'll just be 39 forever!

Thanks to my friends for making my 8-8-08 birthday one I'll never forget. I'll be planning our next party.

Hello Everyone

Ahhhh I just got the kids to bed, put my feet up and thought hey I better work on my blog!

So whats been going on... New Prima at the store, I'll be checking in the buy two get one free stamps on Monday along with new Flair paper. Oh just wait until you see the new Amuse stamps we got in. I've never ordered from them before and I finally broke down and ordered a bunch of Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving stamps.

Vendors have been calling me left and right letting me know that products should be arriving soon! So watch for the store to be changing soon!

Marge added a ton of new clearance products. You're going to love the great 50-75% off deals you're going to get. We're going to kick of September with a huge cardstock and pattern paper sale. Trust me you're going to get great stuff at a super great deal!

Stop in and see me this week. It'll be a great break from all the school shopping!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just One More Thing

Earlier this month I had a couple of charges on my credit card that were not mine. No problem, the credit card company actually flagged it and called me on it. They changed my number and sent me a new card.

Today when I went to Sam's Club I had to go to customer service because I had misplaced my Sam's credit card. I thought I just put it somewhere like I sometimes do and forgot where it was. The super nice older guy behind the counter said that he would call it in for me. Good thing he did, someone had taken my card that same day and charged over $300 at Rainbow Foods, and over $300 at Target! And get this that card had my face on it! I really feel yucky about it. Some icky person stole my credit card with MY FACE ON IT and scammed Target and Rainbow Foods. What is going on!?

Speaking of theft... A little while back I had changed the buy two get one free stamp table, and by the end of that day some creep stole my little card holder that looked like a tennis shoe. Now that sucks because those were my girls'. I actually talked them out of them so I could use them at the store. Thanks to whomever stole that, you are one stellar human being.

This one is even better... The other day a customer was asking about Jessica's card class. I told her it was 7 cards and a card box. She said there are only 6 cards here. I walked around the counter and counted them a bunch of times and thought I was going crazy. I thought for sure maybe it was laying around somewhere. Nope some creep stole it. Now who in the world would give someone a card you stole from someone else. I would love to blame kids for this, but mostly I have adults shop in my store. Wow, why not ask me I might have given you a card maybe even the tennis shoe.

Sorry I vented on you guys I just have had enough of theft. It costs me so much just to keep the doors open at the store, so when people steal from me I take it personally. So instead of buying product I'm investing in cameras, sucks because for $1000 we could have had a lot of great product instead of cameras. Oh the joys of owning your own business, I could go on for hours! I'll stop now!

Did You Wonder What Happened To Me?

I bet you wondered what happened to me. I'm still here never fear!
I've just been dealing with some stuff this week and I haven't been in the best mood so I didn't want to pass it on. This next week isn't looking so good either! But hey time to pull up the bootstraps and muddle through!
Ron and I are taking off for the weekend for our anniversary. I'm really looking forward to a little R&R without children. I think the first thing I'm going to do is sleep in, maybe until noon then I'm going to eat anything that I want, oh yes and have some weird fruity giant drink, then swing on the front porch with another strange drink! That will put me right to sleep to do it all over again the next day!
What's new at the store? Cosmo Cricket! Just don't rush in until Wednesday when I get it checked in. It is super cute let me tell you it makes me want to go camping! We also got another shipment of Peel off stickers.
I've been moving things around at the store it's looking pretty cool in there.
You'll have to stop in and check out the challenge projects that the girls have been working on. I gave them each paper and told them to make something super cute with it. Marge just texted me here layout she did with the red paper I gave her and it is awesome! We'll see what Linda, Linda and Lynn came up with.
Have a great weekend! We'll see you at the store on Wednesday!

Just to give you a heads up: we are going to be having another event at the store on August 20th for crazy days. Here are some of the things I've come up with: free make and take, paper grab bags we're talking at least 25 sheets of paper, stickers and embellishments for one rock bottom price. Huge amount of never been clearanced papers and stickers. So mark your calendars!

Another thing to let you think about, starting this fall we will be holding some Saturday crops from 10:00 a.m until 10:00 p.m. We will be offering that for $15.00 and you will get pop, water, candy, chips and supper. So when you get together with your friends start planning your crop nights.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My friend Lynn gave me a great idea to go to the strawberry patch. My thought was we would drive up to Cloverdale and buy a bucket or two and head home. Much to my surprise you had to pick your own. Yikes, I haven't berry picked since Savannah was Lauren's age! I thought to myself, they won't want Ella in the strawberry patch. Just then a guy walks by with 3 little kids. So I grabbed the sunscreen rubbed the two whities down (that's what I call them. Seriously I think they glow they are so white!) and away we went. And guess what? We had a great time. The day was just perfect, the wind kept the heat and the bugs down and we picked two huge buckets. I took great photos, I'll post some of them later. The girls thought it was great fun getting red fingers, and they loved munching while picking. We had so much fun that in two weeks we're going back for blueberries and raspberries! So if you're ever looking for something fun to do I suggest berry picking up in Cloverdale at High Hopes Berry Farm. And hey if you're looking to get into the berry business it's for sale. I was so afraid Ron wanted to buy it. I have no time to run a berry farm!
Don't forget to stop in for the Thrifty Thursday sale. Just to let you know what the sales were the last two weeks: 30% off t-shirts, and last Thursday was 50% off a bunch of stamps. So stop in, you'll never know what goes on sale this Thursday!
Remember art in the park is on Saturday. We'll be doing free make and takes on Saturday on the sidewalk until 3:00. You'll score great bargains at our sidewalk sale too. So make sure to come and visit us!
I hope you all had a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Friend Chris

My friend Chris the UPS Guy brought us goodies again today! So I get this huge box from Melissa Frances and I 'm thinking what in the world did I order?! I open it up expecting paper, stickers and embellishments. Oh no, the box was full of stars. Yep that's right aluminum stars that you hang on your wall. Three different sizes Large, medium and small. At first I thought what was I thinking?! Then I thought hey these would really look cool altered with photos and paper! So I'm taking one home to hang on my front porch and another to alter with photos and papers. You'll have to stop in and see my sample. I'm cropping Friday night at the store maybe this will be the project I work on!?

The Pinecone Press book club kits arrived today. Super cute! The project this time is a card folio and cards. We still have two spots left, it's not to late to sign up.

Karen Foster came out with new hunting, camping and fishing paper packs. I got in new Heather Bailey embellishments and her clear stamps. We finally got in Black Magic cardstock by Coredinations. Really cool cardstock that is black but when sanded color comes through who knew?!

Stop in and check us out. Besides all the cool new products we've got some great discount areas for some really great bargains!

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Product

Advantus just sent me my Tim Holtz that I've been waiting for since February!!!! I love it!!!
New grunge board mini alphas, ball chain, long paper fasteners, game board spinners, philosophy tags, silver numerals, Journaling tickets, adage tickets, swivel clasps, jump rings, hitch fasteners, grungeboard shapes, and the unmounted stamp binder.
I have to have one of each, so hurry in fast to scoop up the cool embellishments because now there are only 5 of each!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th Of July Layout

I completely stole this layout from the December 2007 Creating Keepsakes magazine! I was going through a stack of old magazines and this layout jumped out at me. Then on the 4th I took these photos, and the layout worked perfectly!
One minute these girls love each other the next they're beating each other up! Oh the drama that we have yet to come.
I used Creative Imaginations paper, with an old stand by ledger paper from Making Memories. I distressed all my black and white photos with Distress Inks, faded jeans and corduroy. The letter stamps are Elsie from KI. The arrow template was from Scenic Route. And of course buttons from my stash! Oh yeah, my date stamp is from Making Memories from 100 years ago. That is a staple in my scrap room that I use all the time. It is a must have tool in my book.

Disney Layout

K&Co annoys me in so many ways, but this paper was perfect for this photo so I had to use it. I love the rub on title with the handwriting font from fontwerks. I used that 7gypsies hole punch on every one of my layouts! It gives you that torn out of a notebook look.

Disney Layout

That Prima paper is perfect for these Fairy Godmother pages. Bits of lace, buttons, and my 7gypsies hole punch. These photos are so precious!

Disney Page

My first page of Disney scrapbook. I used Prima paper again! I love the vintage lace along the edge. Buttons are a staple in my layouts. I used the Around The Block label maker for my title. I love the green tape! The label maker is another tool that I can not live without. I love to journal with it. Thankfully someone had the cool adventure charm in the scrap and stamp rummage sale, it worked great on my layout.

Sharing Disney Pages

Who knew I was going to love Prima paper so much?

I used Prima paper and flowers, some vintage lace I got at the flea market last week. I love snaps and buttons especially when the bits of thread are still hanging from them. I've been using my 7gypsies hole punch like a crazy woman! You can make any paper look like notebook paper. If you haven't tried this punch you should, I think it is one of those must haves.

4th Photos

Here are a few photos from the 4th of July celebration at our house. Notice Savannah isn't in any of these. Yeah, I'm not cool enough for her anymore! Maybe one day she'll join us again! My sister Holly, Brother-in-law Dirk, niece Jana, and my Mother came over in the afternoon and we had dinner on the porch. We've lived in our new house for a year and this is the first meal we've eaten on the porch. Ron and I went up to the retreat center and borrowed one of the old tables from the lunchroom. It worked perfectly. Luckily the mosquitoes didn't move in until we were finished eating. It was a great meal, mom's potato salad, baked beans, hot dogs, burgers, pink lemonade and wine! We had strawberry sundaes in my antique sundae bowls. I knew I collected them for a reason!

Photos from our Duluth trip


Where did you go to see fireworks? We went to Braham July 4th and watched a pretty good display of fireworks. Braham is a small town, but they have a pretty good show!

On Saturday night we went up to Grand Casino Hinckley and watched the best fireworks I've ever seen! They had them set to music which they had playing in the amphitheater. We were parked close enough to hear the music, and it was awesome. I highly recommend this show to everyone! Just a little hint, take the back roads back South or you'll never get out of Hinckley!

Ella and Lauren loved the show, Ella had her ears covered with her hands and Grandma's! Lauren was very brave this year and wasn't afraid at all. Wow, my girls are growing up.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Check out the bottom of the blog I added a new poll.

Don't forget about the Saturday Sale on Saturday! Check out our local small businesses, we have tons to offer!

Taking A Few Days Off

If you haven't noticed I've been playing hooky from work! My Niece is here from Bismarck and I've wanted to spend as much time with her, my mom and my three girls as possible. Soooo I've been skipping work! We have eaten, shopped and laughed a lot! Thanks to her I've taken the time to visit our local shops and restaurants and I've been pleasantly surprised! We really have great places to eat, and very interesting stores to shop at! I'm going to update my places to see and do while in Pine City on my website.

Sometimes it feels like I have more days lately that I'm feeling oh whoa is me. But today I really felt like hey, I really do love my life! It could help I'm just coming down from the pms thing! But really these little thorns in my side (some of you will know what I'm talking about.) can't ruin me. Yes it will make my life tricky, but these thorns will make me stronger and make me fight harder for my store. So enough with my pity parade on to living my life.

Tonight I decided to start scrapbooking Disneyland. I got a ton of Disney papers and stickers out, started printing off pictures and tried to layout my opening page. I could not get into those pink Mickey heads to save my soul! So I put the Mickey paper in the box and started digging through my stash. Believe me I have a stash, I didn't know how much stash I had! Needless to say my first three layouts are on Prima paper and the only thing Disney I have on them are the photos! I'm sure down the line I'll use some Disney products but not yet.

The things that inspired this Disney crusade are the new Share and Tell albums by Pebbles. I got them in about a month ago at the store and I'm just finally getting around to trying them. I love the concept! In the CK July 2008 issue they talk about the albums which egged me on a little more.

I thought I'd be so cool and be really organized about this project. I sorted my digital photos into 4 folders, 12x12 layouts, 4x6 photos to insert in photo pages, Lauren and Ella's albums of autographs. Lauren and Ella's folders have about 35 photos. The 4x6 folder has 138 photos. I thought the 12x12 layout folder would have maybe 50 photos. No it has 101! Yikes, and most of those are 1 photo layouts. I bet I'll be sorting those again. So if you wonder what projects I'll be working on this summer, now you know!

We took a little adventure on Sunday and went up to Duluth to play. It's been three years since my Dad died and every time we start coming down that hill Lauren talks about when Grandpa got sick. I wonder if that icky feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when we come into Duluth will ever go away. When will we just celebrate the fact Ella was born there instead of the dread of his death? Okay now this is getting too dark.

We had a fantastic time while in Duluth. We stopped at Subway and bought sandwiches to have a picnic lunch at the gitchee gumee (not sure on that spelling!) park. We had sandwiches on the rocks! The girls thought it was the best, Ella was mad because we forgot the kitty picnic basket. I must remember it next time.

We threw rocks into the water until we got our feet wet, then we went to Grandma's and had huge melting ice cream cones. The girls had to walk through the fountains, then it was off to the rose garden. I got some great pictures that I can't wait to scrapbook!

I highly recommend this day trip. I know with gas prices so high people are staying home more, but this was a cheap adventure and we felt like we had been on vacation! Believe me none of us wanted to come home we were having so much fun.

I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July. Ours will be low key as usual. Ron is in the middle of busy season, and just picked up a bunch of Mills Fleet Farms to stripe as well so we'll be staying close to home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Check the specials and coupon

Check the specials and coupon section for upcoming Thrifty Thursday sales coming up in July!
That Saturday Sale is also coming up July 5th. Not only are 6 businesses giving you great deals but we are giving you the opportunity to win $60.00 in gift certificates! Shop at all 6 stores, when you make a purchase at each store you will get one punch from that store. At your last store turn in your ad with your name and number for our gift certificate drawing!
I went to each store today, and I loved them all! Each store had something unique to offer. I know I am very guilty, this is the first I had been to any of them! Maybe you're like me and have always wanted to stop but haven't, now is your chance you have a great excuse to stop in and check out all of our unique products!

Participating stores:

The Pine City Scrapbooking Co
Creative Cottage
Treasure Chest Consignment
The Red Poppy
Dollar Stuff
The Creeks Edge

Stop in, check out your local small businesses I know you will be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer!

Sign up for our new classes!

Don't forget to sign up for our new classes! Our new teacher Jessica has done a fabulous job at putting some awesome cards together, as well as the beautiful mini book! Take a peek further down in the posts for a photos of the classes.
Call 320-396-9960 to reserve your spot.

Rummage Sale

Don't forget about the scrap and stamp rummage sale starting this Saturday. Not only will you find deals there, but Marge and I have been cleaning house and making great discount tables for even more deals for you!
Make sure you stop in and check us out! I've been seeing stamps, paper, buttons and more in those boxes!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Swapp

Finally my new Heidi Swapp papers and mirrors came in. I love the mirrors!

Did I complain, I mean tell you, about all the new Jolee stickers we got in. Okay, now that is just enough! I really do not want to check in, price or hang one more sticker! This is how insane it is. There are stickers for: laundry, job interview, voting, grocery shopping, garage sale, back to school shopping, picture day and many more odd things. But hey Jolee how about a new cheerleading, wrestling, hockey, demo derby or mosquito sticker?! Okay, I think I've complained long enough.

Did everyone have a nice Father's Day? How many men complain on Mother's Day with the "you're not my mother" speech?! How many of you complained "you're not my father"? Did you do like I did, run out and buy a Father's Day gift even though he completely forgot about Mother's Day? I bought my own Mother's Day gift on Father's Day. Two beautiful hanging baskets for my porch.

Ron and I took the girls to the petting farm in St Croix Falls. Boy did we have a great time. This is the first year Lauren rode the pony ride. Ella was very brave and rode too. It was the perfect day for it. We went later in the afternoon so the crowd was all leaving. We basically had the park to ourselves. I'm not big on crowds so I loved it! So anyone looking for a day trip I recommend it. Stop and have lunch at the Drive In and then go to the petting farm. Don't forget to take the kids shoes off when you get back into the car because they will have poopy shoes! Remember to bring your camera, I always take the best photos there. They are so busy with the animals, climbing and exploring they don't even realize it's a mini photo shoot!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pinecone Kits Arrived Today

Finally the kits have arrived. I tore open those boxes like a crazy woman, then I went hummmm! I thought that these kits would come with directions. No, no they didn't we have to use our creative brains! Yikes! So on went my thinking cap and I jumped right in with both feet. The more I'm working with kit b the more I like it. Kit A is a scrapbook page, and that has directions. Go figure, now I can whip out a page, but a book?! I have faith in my book club, we can do a rocking job and have fun. So I hope you book clubers like to doodle, because that is what we are going to learn. I'm having some trouble, but I'm going to let the perfection thing go. Okay, I'm going to try and work really hard at letting it go, no promises here.
So if you haven't signed up for the Pinecone Press Book Club now is the time to do it, I have only 3 spots open. And did I mention that when you sign up you get a free book bag! I'm all about the bag!
Our first meeting is June 21, 2008 at 1:00. Give us a call at the store to reserve your kit. 320-629-9960

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've had concerns about the lack of windows in the retreat center. The reason being...we couldn't due to lack of easement. My building is exactly built on my lot. Another reason, cost. Being none of the windows would have been in the crop area it seemed a waste of money, that we didn't have, to spend in that area. I looked at it like a cruise ship. When you go on a cruise there aren't windows in the cabins. If you would like a tiny porthole, window or balcony it costs big bucks. But really if you're on a cruise you are out and about and not in your cabin unless to sleep. I was thinking this same way when we built the retreat. Most of us just want to work and get the pages or projects done and sleep is an after thought. So why put windows where you probably wouldn't need them. I do see down the line, when funds allow, putting in a window in the kitchen area and putting in a door with a window in the back entry. So if the lack of windows concern you, come and take a tour I think you'll see that it really isn't such a big deal. If you need to see out, come into the store we have huge south facing windows with an awesome view of the park! We have extended hours at the store for full retreat weekends from 10-10, you can look out all you would like.
I hope this answers some questions that you've had about the windows.
The stove is another issue! We could not put in a stove without having a commercial kitchen. I have no idea why it had to be that way really, but that is what I was told. We have supplied a commercial hot plate, electric fry pan and convection oven for your convenience. The convection oven works like a regular oven, you just do not have to wait for it to preheat! I love mine and use it a lot. I don't have patience to wait for my conventional oven to preheat!
Just a little FYI for you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saturday Sale Winner

Our drawing prize was won by Becky Gottshalk from Pine City. Congratulations, this will add to your summer stash of goodies! The gift basket is filled with Paper House products!

Pinecone Press Book Club

Announcing the first meeting of The Pinecone Press Book Club June 21, 2008 at 1:00 p.m.

I still have 3 spots open for sure. If you would like to get in on this call the store at 320-629-9960

Here's the scoop.

We'll be meeting the 2nd Saturday of each month. The cost will be $35.00. Each class you will get two kits, a book kit and a page kit as well as an idea book. We will start on the book kit during our meeting. We will leave the meeting and complete our projects on our own. The next meeting bring your finished books along and we will discuss different things that we did in our books. You will need to let me know at the end each meeting if you would like to be included in the next months book club. You will be able to purchase kits even if you can not attend the meeting. I'll just need to know in advance as to order enough kits for everyone.

Pinecone Press is one of my favorite companies. I almost always start with their base kits when I do a class. I love their ideas and idea books. I know that you will love them too!

Be one of the initial 10 to sign up for the book club and receive a free Pinecone Press book bag!

New Class announcements

New class coming up July 26th, 2008.

A new teacher is teaching an awesome card class at 2:00. She has 7 cards for you with a card box to boot! I love all the stamping techniques and the beautiful designs! You will not be disappointed! The cost of the class is $15.00.

We have a Mom/daughter or Grandma/daughter class coming up July 16th at 10:30 a.m. This is a precious mini album done with Making Memories new Noteworthy line. You will love this so much you might just want to join in with out the kids. The cost of this class slips my mind at the time, I'll update this later with the price. Or just call into the store and we'll let you know. This is just the thing the kids need to relieve the summer doldrums!

You can call or stop in to sign up for the classes 320-629-9960.

These are not listed on the website yet due to my web issues. Yeah, I know I'm the issue, but I would like to blame my website so I feel better!

I Give Up!

I've tried and tried, I just don't think I'll ever understand the website thing. Okay so I surrender maybe the updating is just too much for me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have I Told You This Story Before?

My Dad always wanted to see a bear in the yard, I'm not sure why but he did. So three years ago when he was sick and dying in the hospital a bear showed up when a bunch of us kids were home. My brother Pete took a picture of it and we put it in his room in the hospital. So a year later a bear showed up at my Mom's on her birthday. Then the next year a bear showed up at her place on Lauren's birthday. This year the bear showed up at our place on the third anniversary of my Dad's death.

Last night Lauren was playing in the living room and said "hey, there's a bear outside!" We all looked and couldn't find anything. She thought maybe she had seen a stump.

Then this morning she exclaimed "There is a bear outside!" I was just taking a bite of Cheerios and jumped out of my chair and yelled get the camera. Ella dove under the table and Lauren hid behind Ron! As the bear was destroying yet another bird feeder Ella said "Dad should get the gun and shoot that bear!"

I think I took about 50 pictures of it. He was so cute!

Ron did not think he was so cute when he came back this afternoon for more birdseed!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've been working on getting things in order for my Tim Holtz INSPIRED weekend.

The cost of the weekend will be $235.00. What is included with your weekend? Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunday breakfast. Snacks, soda, water, two nights of lodging.
You will also receive over $150.00 worth of products to complete 2 tags and a mini book packed with technique. I will be doing six demos with other Ranger products, six drawings and one grand prize drawing. Plus a special discount coupon to use at The Pine City Scrapbooking Co Inc.

Not only will you be learning awesome new techniques, but you'll have plenty of free time for scrapbooking so make sure you bring a lot of photos to scrapbook.
In order to get my supplies together for our classes and demos I need to close registration July 31, 2008. So place your deposit now to confirm your spot. The deposit for this event will be $75.00. Final payment will be due 30 days prior to the event.
Join me for great fun and I'll teach you new techniques that maybe you've seen and wondered how did they do that?!

Call us at 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot. Retreat is limited to 24 guests.

Have You Given Any Thought...

Have you given any thought to the new "staycation"? My husbands job is seasonal so we just don't get a summer vacation. So if your family is like mine, or if you're feeling the gas crunch, or maybe you just need a little me time. Scrapbooking In The Pines Retreat Center is doing a Staycation sale for a two night stay at the retreat. Book any Friday and Saturday in July 2008 and get $20.00 off. So instead of two nights for $110.00 you will get those two nights for $90.00!
So plan your get away, and give us a call at 320-629-9960 to book your stay. You'll be glad you did!

That Saturday Sale

Stop in June 7, 2008 for That Saturday Sale. We'll be doing a free make and take all day! You will get a free sheet of paper with purchase, and don't forget to sign up for our drawing! There are several stores in Pine City participating with each store doing a different sale:
Creative Cottage
Family Pathways Thrift Store
Treasure Chest Consignment
Picturing Pine
The Red Poppy
Dollar Stuff
The Creek's Edge
I'll have fliers at the store this week so you can check out the specials. There will also be an ad in the Advertiser and the Pioneer. This gives you a great excuse to shop some of our unique stores in Pine City and get a deal! Doesn't get any better!
The next Saturday Sale is scheduled for July 5, 2008.

Travel Book With Marge

Marge has a super cool mini book class! She used a 6x6 chipboard album and Cloud 9 travel paper. The colors are spectacular!
Her class is May 31 at 10:00 a.m. The cost is $25.00
Give us a call at the store and we can sign you up 320-629-9960.

New Products

I've been super busy checking new things again!

New food paper, spaghetti, popcorn, cherries and strawberries. Cloud 9 and Heidi Grace, I loved these so much I went home and did a mini book quick. Creative Imaginations had FFA, John Deere, birthday, wedding, baby boy and girl and dance. World Win specialty cardstock. Somerset Studio magazines with awesome ideas! Meri Meri die cuts and pre made music and school bus pages. The Paper Loft paper is so awesome. I found this in Arkansas while I was down there and had to have it at my store. I actually used it on one of the windows in the retreat center.

Make sure you stop in and check out all the fun new things. I promise you're going to love them!

Why Oh Why

Why oh why won't my brain let me update my website?! It's so frustrating learning new things. So I'll update on my blog and hope I can remember to fix the web site later!

First thing is first: GARAGE SALE! Mark your calendars for June 28 - July 6, 2008. We will be holding our garage sale. If you have never participated in our sale this is the skinny. Call us at the store for a number, go through all your scrapbooking and stamping supplies price them how ever you like and make sure you include your number. Bring them to the store no later than June 26th at noon and we will display everyones things and sell them for you. We will keep track of what you sell (that is why you want your number on everything.) by the number on the price tag. What ever you sell you will get a gift certificate to use at The Pine City Scrapbooking Co Inc. in that amount.

We've done this in the past at Divine Memories and it went over really well. We've had a lot of vendors and a lot of buyers! For the best pick make sure you are at the store at 10:00 a.m. on the 28th! You must shop often, because many vendors keep bringing in more things through the week.

So start digging through your stash, pull out those papers you thought you would use but haven't, how about those tubs of stamps that aren't quite you? Bring them in, you never know who has been looking for just that item!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know we've got new stuff in at the store!

I just finished checking in new Maya Road chipboard, and tons of it. It will be so great with the Glimmer Mist. I also got in alpha stickers from Luxe that cover the chipboard letters from Maya! Maya Road came out with these awesome sheer sheets. If I would have know how cool they were I would have ordered more colors. But for now I have this great swirl, you should really check this out.

An order from Luxe also arrived. They have these great basic patterns, fantastic colors, and they are double sided.

Dance paper from Reminisce is in, and beautiful. It was a much needed addition to that area of the store.

Cupcake and Boxer from Basic Grey are in. Elsie outdoor and pet line are in and selling very well.

Flair came out with a new food line and it is super cute.

So make sure you stop in and check out all the cool new stuff!

Linda is having a card class on Sunday, Three great cards for $10.00. She is doing 2 great folding techniques that you won't want to miss. And one card is a basic graduation card that you can change to match your school colors. Anyone one of these cards can be used for any occasion. As of right now she has 6 extra kits so if you just want a kit call us up and we can put your name on one for you.

Next Sunday Vikki is having a Graduation card class. You will be making 10 cards in what ever school colors you need. This class is great for ideas to use for Christmas cards, birthday or any occasion. If you can't make the class give us a call and we can put a kit together for you.

Marge is getting her travel book class ready. She is using our favorite Cloud 9 travel paper on a cute 8x8 chipboard mini book. She is just putting on the final touches now. That class will be May 31 at 10:00 a.m.

I'm working with a great girl, Jessica, on teaching classes for us. She is super talented and I would love to have her join our team of teachers! She's interested in teaching card classes and kids classes. Is anyone interested in kids classes? These classes will be geared towards kids but be great for a mommy/Grandma and me class. Or hey if you like the class you can be any age!

I've been busy putting in orders this week. Some of the companies I can remember are: Cosmo Cricket, Thermo Web, Creative Imaginations, Creative Impressions, World Win shiny paper, Meri Meri, Hot Off The Press, Paper Loft, and more that I just can't remember right now!

Today is Lauren's Birthday, she is 6 years old today! We're pretty excited around our house today!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Oh the shopping never ends. Today Savannah and I went to Target looking for the toys on Lauren's birthday list. Did you know they now have Fancy Nancy toys? If you aren't familiar with Fancy Nancy books you really should check them out. Lauren and Ella love them, I do too because I love the illustrations. If the book has bad pictures I don't buy them! I'm terrible about judging books by their covers!

Anyway after an expensive stop at Target and Cub we were hungry. I talked Savannah into Taco Johns because I've suddenly become addicted to the chalupa. Sometimes I can't stop myself from thinking about how I will get my next one! She absolutely refused to go in so we did the drive thru. The guy asks us if we would like a medium or a large meal. We went for the medium because we had to save room for dessert. I pull up to the window and he hands me out this enormous soda. I couldn't even grab it with one hand it was a two hander! Savannah and I instantly cracked up uncontrollably. I mean my goodness if this was the medium you must need a small trailer to carry the large! We laughed hysterically, I was laughing so hard I couldn't see to drive through the tears!

So Savannah and I were wondering if anyone ever just cracks up like that or are we just the crazy ones. Now I just can't crack up like that with just anyone. Savannah and I usually have one really good crack up on any shopping trip we go on. Brenda, from the Hastings Scrapbook store can crack me up like that as well as an old childhood girlfriend Deb. Around just about anyone else if I feel like I'm going to crack up like that I totally suppress it because I know that they'll think I'm crazy. But you know after I have a good laugh like that my heart always feels lighter, and things don't feel as stressful as they once were. So my tip of the day is just have a good laugh. Not a tee hee, but a good old ugly laugh with tears, the ole' cross your legs you're gonna pee laugh. You should do that at the very least once a month. So please let us know if we're just the crazy ones or what!?

Oh yes, the shopping trip continued to the thrift store. I found a great side table and table cloth for the retreat center and Savannah found a new couch for her new apartment. Oh man if you could see the odd angles to get into this girls apartment you wouldn't believe it. Poor Ron was going to cut her box spring to get it into her apartment! Savannah settled with a twin bed instead. She got a great deal on the interesting looking couch. It reminds me of an Archie Bunker couch! We're going to jazz it up with old embroidered pillow case pillows. So we bought the couch now we had to get it into the van! With a lot of shoving, pulling and pushing we got it in! Ron is going to wrestle it down and into her apartment tonight.

So that was my fun for the day. I hope all you Moms enjoyed your Mother's Day. I know my Mom and I did. We went and had Olive Garden, yum. After that we came back to our house and had birthday cake. My Mother also turned 76 on Sunday. Lauren turns 6 on May 16th, and my Mom turned 76 on May 11th. Funny!

So on Mother's Day I was getting ready and thought to myself, gee I hope Dad sends me a cardinal to let me know he's thinking of us on Mother's Day. When I went downstairs and was snuggling in the chair with Ella, I looked out to my bird feeder and there the male cardinal was. I just said: "Hi Dad." Another odd thing that has been happening since my Father got sick is a bear comes through my Mother's yard once a year always at this time. My Dad always wanted to see a bear in the yard and never did. Then while he was laying at the hospital dying a bear came into the yard while most of my family was visiting. Now each year after we've had a bear in the yard at the same time each year. The year after he died the bear came on my Mother's birthday, the next year it came on Lauren's birthday, and this year we haven't seen him but he destroyed the bird feeder on Mother's birthday.

Tomorrow I'm off to Mystic Lake for a scrapbooking retailer conference. I need to be there before 9:00 a.m. Yikes, I've never driven there, I've only ridden with Rhonda so this should be interesting! I hope to bring back cute make and takes to share ideas with you all.

Friday, May 9, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

What have I been busy doing? Well, I checked in the new Flair paper along with the Ki Elsie pet and nature collections. The new glue dots in the dispenser came in too. My favorite new albums by Pebbles came in too. I have been saying they should make albums like this for years. They are 3 ring with refill pages that are 12x12 and others that hold 12 4x6 photos. The concept is to scrap as much or little as you would like. Stop in and check them out.
Our retreats are in full swing. This weekend we have a group of 24 busy people. These gals are super high tech, some of the computer equipment I couldn't even identify!
Nicole Langer, my sales rep, was in the other day and I ordered a bunch of new things for the store.
Lynn (one of our new employees) brought me in presents today. She had been to a few garage sales and found some great things to add to the collections around the store and retreat center.
Savannah and I are going to go the the Pine City garage sales tomorrow. She is decorating her new apartment with garage sale and flea market finds. Her apartment is covered in really dark paneling. So we're going for chipped pink and white china!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Scrap Map On Sunday

Vikki has her class, Scrap Map, coming up on Sunday. You'll get to make a 6x6 album. She brought me samples on how to make the 6x6 into 8 1/2" x 11" and 12x12". These are really great techniques, and you could really get a lot of pages done fast with this formula. Stop in on Sunday at 12:30 for her class.

Stop In And See Me Tomorrow!

Stop in to The Pine City Scrapbooking Co Inc tomorrow to do a free make and take. I just finished designing and cutting it out! It's cute, I used the new Fiskars border and corner punch. I'm really liking this punch. Sometimes I get a new tool and use it once, I've already used this one twice!

We're having our first weekend crop. I had two guests over night Wednesday, but this is my first weekend. I left Marge in charge at the store at 7:00 and just about everyone had checked in and were busy working.

Marge is teaching her Graduation Album class tomorrow. Don't worry if you haven't signed up, she has kits prepared so you can either drop in tomorrow at 10:00 or purchase a kit to do it on your own time.