Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taking A Few Days Off

If you haven't noticed I've been playing hooky from work! My Niece is here from Bismarck and I've wanted to spend as much time with her, my mom and my three girls as possible. Soooo I've been skipping work! We have eaten, shopped and laughed a lot! Thanks to her I've taken the time to visit our local shops and restaurants and I've been pleasantly surprised! We really have great places to eat, and very interesting stores to shop at! I'm going to update my places to see and do while in Pine City on my website.

Sometimes it feels like I have more days lately that I'm feeling oh whoa is me. But today I really felt like hey, I really do love my life! It could help I'm just coming down from the pms thing! But really these little thorns in my side (some of you will know what I'm talking about.) can't ruin me. Yes it will make my life tricky, but these thorns will make me stronger and make me fight harder for my store. So enough with my pity parade on to living my life.

Tonight I decided to start scrapbooking Disneyland. I got a ton of Disney papers and stickers out, started printing off pictures and tried to layout my opening page. I could not get into those pink Mickey heads to save my soul! So I put the Mickey paper in the box and started digging through my stash. Believe me I have a stash, I didn't know how much stash I had! Needless to say my first three layouts are on Prima paper and the only thing Disney I have on them are the photos! I'm sure down the line I'll use some Disney products but not yet.

The things that inspired this Disney crusade are the new Share and Tell albums by Pebbles. I got them in about a month ago at the store and I'm just finally getting around to trying them. I love the concept! In the CK July 2008 issue they talk about the albums which egged me on a little more.

I thought I'd be so cool and be really organized about this project. I sorted my digital photos into 4 folders, 12x12 layouts, 4x6 photos to insert in photo pages, Lauren and Ella's albums of autographs. Lauren and Ella's folders have about 35 photos. The 4x6 folder has 138 photos. I thought the 12x12 layout folder would have maybe 50 photos. No it has 101! Yikes, and most of those are 1 photo layouts. I bet I'll be sorting those again. So if you wonder what projects I'll be working on this summer, now you know!

We took a little adventure on Sunday and went up to Duluth to play. It's been three years since my Dad died and every time we start coming down that hill Lauren talks about when Grandpa got sick. I wonder if that icky feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when we come into Duluth will ever go away. When will we just celebrate the fact Ella was born there instead of the dread of his death? Okay now this is getting too dark.

We had a fantastic time while in Duluth. We stopped at Subway and bought sandwiches to have a picnic lunch at the gitchee gumee (not sure on that spelling!) park. We had sandwiches on the rocks! The girls thought it was the best, Ella was mad because we forgot the kitty picnic basket. I must remember it next time.

We threw rocks into the water until we got our feet wet, then we went to Grandma's and had huge melting ice cream cones. The girls had to walk through the fountains, then it was off to the rose garden. I got some great pictures that I can't wait to scrapbook!

I highly recommend this day trip. I know with gas prices so high people are staying home more, but this was a cheap adventure and we felt like we had been on vacation! Believe me none of us wanted to come home we were having so much fun.

I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July. Ours will be low key as usual. Ron is in the middle of busy season, and just picked up a bunch of Mills Fleet Farms to stripe as well so we'll be staying close to home.