Monday, October 27, 2008


Wow did last weekend really happen or was that all a dream?!

The show at the River Center went great. We saw a lot of familiar faces and met a lot of great new people!

Savannah got lost both days trying to get there! I screamed both times I had to go down that parking ramp. You know I thought I was pretty cool as a teenager squealing my tires. It's not so much fun at 39! Miss Savannah also lost her car in the parking ramp. We were teasing Savannah about it while we were searching for her car and come to find out there was a guy wondering around looking for his car too!

So the stencil guy just about drove us crazy all weekend. If I ever do this again I will request a booth on the other side of the building. We totally memorized his spiel! That guy was quite the salesman.

On Saturday I headed up to Duluth to do my make and take for the crop up there. Wow, you guys really should check this crop out. It's for a great cause put on by the nicest women you could ever want to meet! The crop is in the lunchroom of this private school with a view that is simply breathtaking. They had an awesome silent auction with the coolest stuff! They feed you breakfast, Famous Dave's and Olive Garden! I think I should make their crop a mandatory employee meeting and get my girls up there to have fun! I was so happy to walk in and see familiar faces!

So I set off to head down to St Paul. I got a little lost so I ended up going down the hill. I heard what I thought was a jet airplane. I thought to myself, I didn't think Duluth had that big of an airport. Then a little while later I heard it again. I thought could that noise be me? No it must be a helicopter. Then I thought if it is my brakes they will cool off and be fine. I stopped in Hinckley to eat at Hardees before heading back to help pack up at the Rivercenter and I heard that same jet plane. Now I know Hinckley doesn't have an airport that can accommodate jet planes. IT IS ME! When I went to go through the light my van was making a horrible clunking noise. So when I safely got to Hardees I called my Mom to come and rescue me. So that put a stop to my drive down to St Paul at that point. So Ron when I complain about a noise in my van maybe you'll believe me next time! My van is back home and fixed. It was my brakes and they were completely shot. I guess after 163,000 miles I 'd be shot too.

I'm back to work tomorrow, it feels like I've been gone forever!


Crop For A Cure Duluth

So sorry to hear about your car, Marni! We're so glad you were able to make it up to Duluth for the Crop for a Cure...and you're right, it should be a mandatory meeting for you and your team! Your make and take was really fun. Alane & Julie and I will have our chance to do soon as we unpack our cars! ;D
By the way, in case you were wondering, we brought in more than 10-thousand dollars at the event!
Thanks for being a part of it! -Kim


Marni, I think Savannah needs a GPS unit for Christmas!