Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have I Told You This Story Before?

My Dad always wanted to see a bear in the yard, I'm not sure why but he did. So three years ago when he was sick and dying in the hospital a bear showed up when a bunch of us kids were home. My brother Pete took a picture of it and we put it in his room in the hospital. So a year later a bear showed up at my Mom's on her birthday. Then the next year a bear showed up at her place on Lauren's birthday. This year the bear showed up at our place on the third anniversary of my Dad's death.

Last night Lauren was playing in the living room and said "hey, there's a bear outside!" We all looked and couldn't find anything. She thought maybe she had seen a stump.

Then this morning she exclaimed "There is a bear outside!" I was just taking a bite of Cheerios and jumped out of my chair and yelled get the camera. Ella dove under the table and Lauren hid behind Ron! As the bear was destroying yet another bird feeder Ella said "Dad should get the gun and shoot that bear!"

I think I took about 50 pictures of it. He was so cute!

Ron did not think he was so cute when he came back this afternoon for more birdseed!



I think that bear came back for my birthday! Looks like he was 2 days late.


If I do my math correctly this must be my dear brother Pete! Sorry, Happy Belated Birthday! Don't you forget my birthday, it's a national holiday you know 8-8! Well, maybe it should be a national holiday!