Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy To Announce....

I am pleased to announce a Cupcake Crop! We will be holding our annual Cupcake Crop January 15, 2011 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. We will be serving soup, crackers, pop, water, goodies and don't forget the CUPCAKES! Our lovely croppers will be busy with a drawing or two, hopefully one of Lynn's cute games, as well as an exclusive make and take! Be prepared to be pampered! Cost will be $15.00 due at sign up to hold your spot. Call 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot!

We Are Decked Out!

We are all decked out for the holidays! I just have a few finishing touches before Friday and I am all done for the Open House...except for my house. Maybe we should just have Christmas at the store!

Make sure you stop in Friday and Saturday to do your free make and takes, and grab some cookies and cider while you are at it!

Jessica's card class is Thursday at 10:30 and a repeat performance Saturday at 10:30 as well so if you are not busy and want to make 8 beautiful cards give us a call at 320-629-9960 or stop in! Jessica always has kits available for those of us who don't have time for the class!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Newsletter

Make sure you check out the website under newsletter tomorrow if you don't get our emails! I've got it all written Ron just has to go through and do a grammer check...tee hee! He must cringe when he reads my blog and facebook...unfiltered oh my!

The newsletter is full of information about upcoming events!

1. Free make and take on Saturday November 13th using Mcgill paper blossom punches.
2. Holiday Open House December 3rd and 4th with free refreshments and make and takes!
3. Jessica's card class December 2nd and 4th! Super cute as always!!!!!
4 Scrap and Stamp Rummage Sale December 11th at 10:00 a.m.

I think that was it!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Check out the article that the Pine City Pioneer did on The Pine City Scrapbooking Co Inc at I am super excited about it! They got a couple of things incorrect...but for the most part they did a pretty great job!

If you don't find me here...

If you find I am not posting on my blog check me out on facebook under The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. I am a facebook lover and I use it a lot! Sooooo if you are wondering where I am I'm usually there!


Just wait and see...soon you will see my new billboard! It took me forever to come up with the design. I had it in my head but getting the sign guy to get the look and the colors right took a little doing! But I think I'm going to love it, and I hope you will too!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pine City Pioneer

I'm sure I've told you this before but... my Dad worked at the Pine Poker for years, and it just happens to be right next to my store! (And oh how I wish I could have that building too...I have big plans!) Well yesterday Donna Heath, from the Pioneer, came over to the store and asked if she could interview me for the paper! I was honored, Donna has been retired for years and she wanted to do an article on the store! She had attended Jessica's last class and was so excited about all our store had to offer that she just wanted to share it with our community, wasn't that awesome?! I can't wait to see what she had to say.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Looking for a little getaway? How about a stay at our retreat center! Just can shut off your cel phone, no laundry, no worries about what to make for supper, no kids trying to "help" you scrapbook and you can stay up as late as you want scrapping the night away!

Come by yourself or grab a bunch of friends! We have great dates available weekends as well as weekdays. Our weekday rates (Sunday-Thursday) are $35.00 per night. Our weekend rates are $55.00 per night. Just give us a call to reserve your spot!

Jessica's Card Class

I love this time of the year when the garden is cleaned out, the leaves are almost raked and all I can think about is scrapbook season! I've been super busy ordering product for the store to inspire all of you. We've also been making new samples for the store to get your creative wheels turning.

If you want great inspiration check out Jessica's next class, it will be Thursday November 4th at 10:30 and the 2nd offering will be November 6th at 10:30 the cost is $15.00 and remember if you can not attend the class she always has class kits available to purchase at the store. You'll also find other kits at the store that are not offered as classes so you'll want to be sure to check them out. Be sure to remember your basic tool kit when you come to class!

If you are looking for a night out of the house to get some serious scrapping done don't forget about our Friday night crops. For $10.00 you get plenty of scrapping room, Pizza Hut dinner, pop, water, candy and chips. We hold them just about every Friday from 5-midnight as long as we have 3 people, just give the store a call at 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot.

Stop in and say HI!

My Mom

Irma Jean Larson, better known as Jeanie, longtime resident of Pine City passed suddenly on Sept. 28, 2010 at the age of 78. She was wife of the late Clifford E. Larson. She recently survived major heart surgery and died later in rehabilitation.Irma Jean Larson was born in Alma, Wis. on May 11, 1932 to her parents Alfred & Alice Zittel. She grew up in Alma before moving to Pine City in 1946, where she met and married Clifford on June 13, 1949. They lived in Pine City for their entire 55 year marriage.Jeanie worked several jobs during her lifetime, such as a waitress at the 61 Way CafĂ©, where a dime was a big tip. She worked as a welder at the arsenal where she became one of their top welders. She laughed about the time she worked at The Pine City Mercantile where employees were not trusted with the money. They were required to send the money to the office via tin cup fashioned on a pulley and a string. Her youngest daughter now owns that building, and runs her own business there. She also worked at the town bakery before landing a job with Ma Bell.Her final career was working for Northwestern Bell and AT&T as a telephone operator for many years before retiring in 1990. When she started her job with Ma Bell, it was located on the second floor above the present day location of The Pizza Pub. Back then, she used an old fashioned (wired) telephone switch board. She always joked that they weren’t supposed to listen in on phone calls, but when an emergency call came in they couldn’t help but listen.Jeanie always had a smile on her face, and people loved being around her. If you were to stop in to visit, she would be sure to offer you something to eat. If you were lucky enough to stop on the day she baked cinnamon rolls, you would never forget it because they were the best in the world.She adored her family, and simply loved when we could all get together. Whether it was a holiday, family reunion, camping trip, or cruise vacation, she loved having us together. Irma Jean thrived on her grandchildren as well, and loved reading, movies and watching TV. She also loved viewing nature and the changing season’s right outside her home on the water’s edge.In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her son Clifford (Butch), her husband Clifford Earl, her brother Dave, and her sister Marjorie.She will be lovingly remembered by her four sons and daughters-in-law, Kent and Darlene of Isanti; Dirk and Cathy of Roseville; Eric and Patti of Golden Valley; Peter and Cindy of Grand Forks, ND.; her two daughters and sons-in-law, Holly and Dirk Kienzle of Bismarck, ND.; Marni and Ron Steltz of Braham; her 17 grandchildren; her 11 great-grandchildren; her sister, Isabell Stuber of Shawano, WI; her brothers and sisters-in-law Alfred (Sonny) and Marvella of Alma, WI; Anthony and Marge of Winona, MN; her many nieces, nephews, and friends.At Irma’s request, it was her wish to be cremated, and there will be no services.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I wish I had better news...

I wish I had better news for you, my Mother died yesterday at 4:40 a.m. We were all shocked, she had just been moved to rehab because she was doing so well. She took a turn for the worse late Sunday, but that was nothing new she would have one good day and one bad day. Unfortunately she didn't make it out of her bad day. I am devastated, my only saving grace at the moment is knowing that my Mom and Dad are back together again, she really did need him. I'm sad because we are going to miss her like crazy cats!

Hug the ones you love,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Mom

My Mom did just great going through the surgery, the healing process is very slow! They finally have her pain under control, that was horrible! Right now she is trying to fight off infection which is very scary! She's been very sleepy so we don't really get to talk to her much, but I still go down every day just so I can see with my own eyes how she is doing! So we're hanging in there full of hope!

They had told us she would be in the hospital for a week but I'm sure it will be much longer.

Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers it gives us all strength!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Funny...

Wow I can't believe it's been since March! I have a long list of excuses why I have been away from my blog...I just might bore you with a few!

I lost my ability to think clearly when my oldest daughter called me at work to tell me she was pregnant! My oldest is 21, unmarried, at the time with a boy I really disliked and not working at a job I would like to see her at! So I took it VERY hard to say the least. Did I also mention I'm only 40 for crying out loud and I have a 5 year old at home...her sister along with her 8 year old sister...I'm not ready for any more babies!!!!!

So long story short creepy boyfriend dumped my daughter 2 weeks before she delivered her beautiful baby, and didn't even bother to show up for the delivery! Did I mention I dislike this boy?

In July my grandson was born perfectly perfect, and lets just say I'm adjusting. I love him to pieces...and I think I finally can say I'm moving into grandparent hood and stopped kicking and screaming!

Next thing thrown on my plate...just to see if I was still paying attention...My mother became very ill. My mom has suffered from heart trouble most of my life. She had her first open heart surgery 31 years ago. She has had many, many health issues since then. She will be having 2 valves replaced, as well as bypass. My mother is 78...I am very worried!

I have always lived close to my parents by design. Knowing at 10 years old that my mother was only supposed to live another 10 years scared me to death! I feel like I've had her on borrowed time all these years! My parents had me later in life, I was an afterthought, so I always knew I would loose them WAY before I was ready. but you know at 41 I'm still not ready to give Mom up. As you know I lost my Dad 5 years ago and still miss him everyday. The pain isn't as strong, but I still miss him like crazy!

I know that my Mother is ready to go...she lost her oldest son when he was 16 and wanted to go then...since her husband passed she has had a foot on both sides! I am not ready to have her go...she's my best biggest cheerleader...the one who kicks me in the ass when I take everyone for granted...the one who can always make me laugh when I really don't want to or shouldn't...I can't stand the thought of having to tell my girls grandma is gone because all the things that I said above she is for me she is to them right now I'm just trying to keep myself busy so I don't think of what is to come because it is so painful.

So if you could all say a little extra prayer for my mom I would really appreciate it...her surgery is on Monday September 13th.

So if when you come into the store and you haven't seen my mug, or things seem a little low, or you haven't gotten an email back, the website hasn't been updated, or I didn't call you back, or my bills are late...please forgive me because for awhile I'm only going to be thinking about my family and just trying to get by day to day without collapsing from stress.

I'll be back, I promise!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Picture of Five for $5.00 cards

Five for $5.00

Each month The Pine City Scrapbooking Co has five for $5.00 from the 1st of each month ending on the 7th of each month. You can come in at your leisure from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to create these beautiful cards. No need to sign up, just stop in!

Stop up at the counter and buy your card kit for $5.00 Using your own adhesive assemble these five cards. Use them to give as gifts or send them to the loved ones in your lives!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cupcake Crop!

Yumo we are having a cupcake crop March 20th from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m! We will guarantee you a sugar high before you leave!
For $20.00 you will feast on yummy cupcakes, snacks, Subway lunch, goodie bags, games and a free make and take for all who attend this special crop!
Interested in extending your cropping fun? Sign up for the Friday Night Crop for $10.00 March 19th from 5:00 - midnight and leave your stuff overnight and jump into cropping on Saturday early!
Give us a call at 320-629-9960 to pay and to reserve your spot.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey Lynn!

Thanks Lynn for the posts! We love the updates, keep up the good work!


It's that time of the year again! We're having our Scrap and Stamp Garage sale! It begins at 9:00 a.m. Saturday February 27 and ends March 7, 2010.
If you would like to sell your scrapbooking or stamping items at our garage sale we've made it super easy for you! All you need to do is call the store at 320-629-9960 to request a garage sale number, rummage through all those great supplies that you just don't need or want anymore price them with a REMOVABLE label and drop off your great "stuff" at the store before February 25th! At the end of the week we'll tally up your earnings and give you a gift certificate to use at The Pine City Scrapbooking Co Inc so you can buy more new great supplies!

So take a look at all those supplies you've accumulated and start cleaning out!

New product has been arriving almost daily at the store! We're gearing up for spring and it is so wonderful to see all the pastel colors, you can almost smell the spring in the air! As we are making room for the new out with the old, so our clearance area is spilling over with great bargains!

Jessica continues to surprise us with her monthly card classes. She is such a talented person, you always leave her class feeling so inspired! Remember if you can't make the class she always has her awesome class kits for sale so you won't miss out.

We have her beautiful perpetual calendars for sale in a limited supply. It is just beautiful! We have a gal that wrote a post on our blog about her calendar class, give it a read!

Beginning March we are offering a monthly card week! All you need to provide is your own adhesive, and you can come in anytime during our card week and make 5 cards for just $5.00! No need to sign up just show up when you can. Kits will also be available if that works better for you.

Dates for our Card Week:

March 1-7April 1-7May 1-7June 1-7July 1-7
August 1-7
September 1-7
October 1-7
November 1-7
December 1-7

Please join us when you can!

Friday night crops are so much fun and they give you time without kids and family to interrupt you! Here is a schedule of Friday night crops coming up:

February 19February 26
March 5March 19

We will be possibly adding more dates. If you have one in question give us a call some dates fill up super quick.

Great openings in March

We have some great weekend openings in 2010 for the Scrapbooking In The Pines Retreat! A weekend stay at the retreat center costs only $117.56 what a great retreat to gear up for spring!

Here are some dates:

March 12
March 26
April 2
April 16
April 23
April 30

Stop in and see us! You're going to love all the new products, they always inspire me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jessica's Card Class

Here is the picture of the cards for Jessica's upcoming card class that is listed below!

Time to make the Valentines!!!

The cold month of January is almost over and will so bring us into the month of LOVE-February! So therefore it is time to start thinking about making your Valentines for all those special people in your lives and the store is ready to help you do just that! We have a wonderful selection of Valentine papers ranging from vintage, lacie, traditional to the bright and bold. Along with a wide range of cardstock and specialty papers. Nestablities and Cuttlebug folders are also a great addition to a cardmakers stash along with the very popular Copic makers. Stop in to see how these great markers are used, we have a great variety of samples with them used. House Mouse stamps also have a great selection of love related stamps along with the stamp of the month using a romantic theme this month. Stop in to see us and we would love to help you create the perfect cards for you!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jessica's Upcoming Classes

Calendar Class-Pictured Above
Saturday, February 6th
Class is limited to 15
Bring your basic tool kit & a snack
This class will be longer than normal.
Kits will be available.

February Card Class
Thursday, February 18th 10:30
Saturday, February 20th 10:30

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Friday Night Crops

Our FUN FILLED FRIDAY night crops are in full swing. So here is the scoop, crop from 5-midnight, munch on pizza, pop/water, chips and some chocolate. Each cropper has a big table with a comfy chair, access to the crop room tools including a cricut machine and a full store to shop from for only $10! The evening ends with a wonderful prize drawing. The space is limited to 10 croppers so call the store at 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey, it's Lynn here! I decided that after working on Friday night and after Kris and I put out all kinds of new stuff that I needed to inform all of you scrappers about all the new goodies in at the store!

First off, here I am with only boys in my life and I found myself making a stash of all pink and frilly Valentine papers and embellishments by Making Memories. The line is called Love Struck and has all types of embelishments ranging from buttons to bling and glitter to triple layer crepe paper rosettes. There is also a wonderful book with jounal pages and some very fun word fetti stickers. Also there is a package of 79 mixed die-cuts ranging from traditional paper to acetate, felt and chipboard for only $4.99. And as usual Making Memories style, the papers are fun, whimsy and a bit even traditional. This whole collection is priced great starting out at only 99 cents. It is going fast so you better stop in quickly to nab some up. Also my mind can't recall the name of the other Valentine line that came in also, very fun and colorful!

A bunch of Basic Grey came in, some paper packs in the with Love theme in them, but not Valentiney in any way. A few more BG card kits came in that look very fun to do also, a great thing to do on these blaw winter days.

Everyone that knows me well, knows that I love the retro and fun look, but I fell in LOVE with these 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" ATC Collection paper pads by Memories In the Making. If I am correct 15 styles came in some are mixed holiday, 2 Christmas versions, men, women, fall, and some silhouette ones. I fell in love with the beautiful vintage images, the colors are great and the images are amazing. So 2 each of 20 papers, ONLY $2.99!!

I hear that a lot of new stuff is coming in so the clearance tables have been restocked frequently.

Bayfield Scrapbook Retreat Weekend

Yes, it is that time again. Time to venture up to the beautiful, quiet little town of Bayfield, WI. Come and join us as we get together with a great bunch of people to do some scrapbooking and enjoy the bay. Read on to see all the details. We hope to see you there.

APRIL 16, 17, 18TH 2010
Lake Side Pavilion in Beautiful Bayfield, WI

Greetings to all the faithful scrappers and to the first timers that are thinking of coming this year in Bayfield WI Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 16th,17th,18th, 2010. Ok gals, it is time to tell all your really good friends and relatives about this wonderful week-end in " Beautiful Bayfield" at the lakeside pavilion on the greatest of the great lakes "LAKE SUPERIOR".
This year my goal is 30-50 gals. Can we do it??? Get your reservations in early.The Pine city scrapbooking store is coming back again with a lot of their inventory. I am really excited to include Creative memories gals from Duluth/Ashland here this year bringing along some of their inventory.
We are starting a little earlier on Friday the16th. Last year we opened at 1:00 and some of you wrote on the comment sheet that you would like to see it open a little earlier. We will be opening the pavilion at 11:00 A.M. to start setting up. Just to let the new comers know that we only have folding chairs in the pavilion, so if you want to bring a pad or even bring your own chair, like some of the scrapers do to be more comfortable. Like last year we are not having bottled water. We have wonderful water in Bayfield so please bring your own reusable container to put your water in. Our city is trying very hard to go GREEN. We will have cans of soda available, coffee and tea.

FYI, all lodging places should still have their off season rates so check around. If you can come early on Friday, ask them if you can have an early check-in.

Julie MacDonald
Cooper Hill House B&B
P. O. Box 969 Bayfield, WI 54814
Phone: 715-779-5060 *Cell phone: 715-209-4882

April 16, 17, 18th 2010
Lake Side Pavilion in Beautiful Bayfield, WI

On Site Vendors:
*Pine City Scrapbooking Company:
Huge Store of Supplies, Papers, Tools, Embellishments.
*Creative Memories from Ashland/Duluth with inventory.

*Lodging is up to each individual to book. Anywhere you choose. Remember that when you book B&B’s your breakfast is included. See list enclosed.
*Workshop fee is $75.00 (non refundable). Space is limited!
To reserve your workspace at the Pavilion;
**Contact Julie MacDonald
Phone: 715-779-5060 * Cell phone: 715-209-4882
Send a check ASAP, no later than March 15th (or call with VI/MC) to:
Cooper Hill House B&B
P.O. Box 969 Bayfield, WI 54814

• 11:00 A.M. Doors Open (lunch on your own)
• Break out sessions: Find out what’s new
• 3:00 pm Welcome from Mayor
• Drawings for prizes all day
• 6:00 pm Dinner at Pavilion
• 8:00 pm special treat
• Doors close???

• 9:00 A.M. Doors Open
• Drawings for prizes all day
• Workshops or “make & takes”
• 10:00 -1:00 pm FREE chair massage (tips appreciated)
• 1:00 pm Lunch at pavilion
• Dinner on your own: Maggie’s and Northern Edge will be open.
Work late: then unwind at your comfortable lodging

• 9:00 A.M. Doors Open
• Free time to: Complete projects, swap ideas, shop for supplies.
Explore Bayfield and/or “SHOP”
• 1:00 pm Lunch at pavilion and GRAND PRIZE DRAWIINGS
• Pack up, 3pm Farewell, hope you had a GREAT time! SEE YOU NEXT APRIL !
Lodging in Bayfield

B&B’s: Artesian House 715-779-3338

Apple Grove Inn 715-779-9558

Cooper Hill House 715-779-5060 FULL

Old Rittenhouse Inn 715-779-5111

Pinehurst Inn 715-779-3676

Lucy’s Place 715-779-9770

Grey Oaks 715-779-3264

Ole & Lena’s 715-779-3060

Island View 715-779-5307


Bay Front Inn 715-779-3330

Bayfield Inn & Issac Wing House 715-779-3363

Seagull Bay 715-779-5558

Superior Rentals 715-117-5123

Winfield Inn 715-779-3252