Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pickle Classes

Pickle Class Photos! Check out my newsletter on my website for class details. Don't look at the class listing because I haven't updated it yet. But the newsletter has all the details! They changed things again so I became confused when I tried to update my website so I have to call Troy for help!
Call the store at 320-629-9960 to sign up!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Have To Tell You

The other day Lauren was invited to a birthday party and Ella was disappointed she couldn't go. So we usually try and do something fun to keep her mind off of it. She picked supper at McDonald's in true Ella fashion. As we were going in to McDonald's she said to Ron: "I wish I had a different Dad." Ron said: "What?" Ella said: "A new Dad would get a happy meal." So I put two and two together that she wanted Dad to get a happy meal so she could have a boy toy and a Pony! So we sat down to eat and Ella was munching on a french fry and asked Ron: "What kinda meal did you get Daddy?" Ron replied "A double cheeseburger." Ella looked up at him and asked "Is that a sad meal Daddy?" Ohhhh that girl just cracks me up!

Lately we've been having trouble with our satellite company and I was mad because we didn't have TV again! Ella told me I should just spank their a_ _es! Now who uses language like that in our house?

Jessica's January Card Class

Jessica droped off her cards for her January class yesterday. They are super cute I just absolutely love them! Each time she brings in samples I am simply in awe of her work! We haven't set a date yet, I'll let you know when the class will be held.

I am out on bail!

So I did it, or should I say we did it? Thanks to all of you who came to my rescue today during my calling brigade! I really appreciate all of your donations today. There still is time to donate, the sooner the better, but you have up to a month to do so on the link below.

I'll confess, I did a lot of grumbling about having to go and put in my time today. Then I started thinking about how what if I was the parent of a child with MD or any other illness. Which person would I rather be the one helping with the fundraising or the one needing help? I have been blessed with three healthy children and know just how lucky I am. That's when I got off of my rusty nail and said I am going to do this with a smile on my face and my Marni optimism and make the best of it. And do you know what? I enjoyed myself in spite of the one naysayer I ran across today.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So after about 10 attempts I finally have the MDA link working on the post below this one!

Hey I am pretty excited that I was able to finally do it!

Help Get Me Out Of Jail!!!

Yes you read it right I'm going behind bars for "good"! Thursday December 18th I'm going to jail for MDA! I've never done this before but I have to say it's been kind of fun!

I'm pleading for the generosity of all of you to help me reach my goal of $1600 by this Friday! Any amount will be appreciated by me and the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Donating is super easy all you have to do is go to:

The website walks you through the process which takes only a few minutes. They even send you an email receipt for tax purposes!

Thank you for all your support! Think of me Thursday while I'm sitting behind bars!