Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Swapp

Finally my new Heidi Swapp papers and mirrors came in. I love the mirrors!

Did I complain, I mean tell you, about all the new Jolee stickers we got in. Okay, now that is just enough! I really do not want to check in, price or hang one more sticker! This is how insane it is. There are stickers for: laundry, job interview, voting, grocery shopping, garage sale, back to school shopping, picture day and many more odd things. But hey Jolee how about a new cheerleading, wrestling, hockey, demo derby or mosquito sticker?! Okay, I think I've complained long enough.

Did everyone have a nice Father's Day? How many men complain on Mother's Day with the "you're not my mother" speech?! How many of you complained "you're not my father"? Did you do like I did, run out and buy a Father's Day gift even though he completely forgot about Mother's Day? I bought my own Mother's Day gift on Father's Day. Two beautiful hanging baskets for my porch.

Ron and I took the girls to the petting farm in St Croix Falls. Boy did we have a great time. This is the first year Lauren rode the pony ride. Ella was very brave and rode too. It was the perfect day for it. We went later in the afternoon so the crowd was all leaving. We basically had the park to ourselves. I'm not big on crowds so I loved it! So anyone looking for a day trip I recommend it. Stop and have lunch at the Drive In and then go to the petting farm. Don't forget to take the kids shoes off when you get back into the car because they will have poopy shoes! Remember to bring your camera, I always take the best photos there. They are so busy with the animals, climbing and exploring they don't even realize it's a mini photo shoot!