Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mosaic Moments

This new product isn't really new at all. They've just taken an awesome product and made it even better! In this post I will show you how I took this

and turned it into...


Mosaic Moments is an awesome product that has been around for years. Back in the day when I had more time I used to achieve this look using a metal ruler and a cutting mat. Now they have taken all the work out of it and made steal rule dies to use in our Big Shots, Cuttlebug or any roller machine, I love you people!!!!!

So here we go...I chose a Disney photo to try this out on only because I'm so many years behind and these are what I currently have out cluttering my desk along with all the matching Say Cheese line by Simple Stories. Another company I love because they are sort of like Geranimals back in the 70's. I remember school clothes shopping with my Mom and running around matching tags so all my outfits were perfect together. Ahhhh the good old days...

I trimmed down my large pieces of paper to place on the grid paper next.

The next step was my favorite, I used the new Mosaic Moments One Inch Grid Die to cut coordinating 1" squares to put on my layout. Can you just imagine how long that would take the old fashioned way?! Btw did you notice my new colored cutting plate, it's pretty awesome huh? You can pick up a set of your own at The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. They come in pink and purple too, call me (320-629-9960) if you would like a set and I can send them out to you!

I'm also loving this number die from Mosaic Moments as well. No surprise they are 1" square so they fit perfectly on the grid paper. 

For this project this is my adhesive choice. I like using the Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Dots because they are re-positional for a time and then become permanent. The Quick Dry Adhesive worked awesome for the number squares because there isn't much to glue down. It is actually always my wet glue adhesive choice. It has a low water content so the paper doesn't bubble when you use it.

Time to assemble! The grid paper makes short work of it, everything is evenly spaced.

And there you have the finished product! It was super easy, this would work to use up your scraps as well. 
If you are interested in trying out Mosaic Moments, mention this blog post when purchasing the grid paper or any of the Mosaic Moments brand dies and receive 15% off between April 2nd - April 16th 2015. 
If you can't make it into the store we can also ship to you. 
Below you will see what we have in at this time. You can either order over the phone (320-629-9960) or through email. 

Full Grid Paper $1.59 per sheet
4x4 Grid Paper $1.59 per sheet
4x6 Grid Paper $1.59 per sheet

6x6 Grid Paper $1.59 per sheet

Corner Dies $8.59 (Sorry about the blurry photo!)
1"x3" Rectangles $31.49

Number Die $20.99
3"x6" Rectangle $37.99

1" Square die $42.99

2"x6" Rectangle $37.99

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

Just a sample of the 12 Days of Christmas make and takes we have done. I'll take some more pics to share.
These little Winter Sparrows from Lawn Fawn are simply adorable!

Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

It's been forever since my last post. I'm going to try this yet again!

We have been celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas since December 6th. We had a great kick off with Ladies Night Out the same day! So far we have had two give aways and 2 days of make and takes. It's so fun giving to all my great customers after all the support you have shown me. So keep your eyes out for more great give aways in the days to follow.
I think I need to add some twinkle lights to my display.

All the new Wendy Vecchi

There are great bargains to be had, for gifting to others...or yourself! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Drawers 4

These drawers are the closest to my "cockpit". I use this stuff all of the time so I keep it near so I don't have to keep jumping up to grab something, but it is contained so it doesn't make my room look cluttered.
The space we have our office/craft room was supposed to be the dining room it doesn't have any doors. It's one of the first things you can see coming in the front door and you can see it from the kitchen as well. It was very important to me that it look presentable and match the kitchen as close as I could. I think it turned out pretty good for a couple of green horns! So that is it, I hope you enjoyed the tour! It almost makes me want to go mess it up now!

Drawers 3

I love doo dads, can you tell? I'm so happy I saved all the baby food containers from when the girls were little, they work perfectly for my doo dads! My drawers

Drawers 2

Oh I love my Art Bin containers! I love the bags of buttons but I have to keep the colors together...I know, I'm a little crazy. The bottom deep drawer is filled with vintage ephemera.

Drawers 1

It was very important to me to have as many drawers as we could get in the space. I have a lot of stuff! I love the drawer dividers in the bottom deep drawers to hold all my product so I can file through. The purple fabric boxes work great to store glitters, mists etc...
Imagine an empty drawer, I'm sure it won't be empty long!

Craft Closet 2

This wardrobe was only going to have crafty things in it, but scrapbooking overlapped...surprise! I'm still tweaking this one to work better for me. We designed this space using the deep wardrobes to maximize storage. Everything in the wardrobes are stacked two deep.

Craft Closet 1

This IKEA wardrobe holds a ton! The pull out drawers hold my collection of Cosmo Cricket, October Afternoon and anything else new that I should be making samples with. The other shelves are filled with ribbon, buttons, punches, stamps etc...

Craft Closet

Since I am terribly afraid of basements we built our house without one, which gave me this wonderful space under the stairs for a closet! I can thank my older brothers for that fear! I try to keep it organized, but I have to admit if I need to stash things quick they do end up in here. I store all of my cardstock and my paper "collection" that I just hoard in here along with other crafty items.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ron's Space

This is Ron's space. I'm ready to boot him out, he is messy! I cleaned it up for the photo! Just imagine what I could do with that spot...

Inside Scoop 12

This crazy space between the windows has been a challenge as well. I would like to get rid of my sewing machine cabinet and have Ron build an island on casters with the cabinets. It would give my Eclipse a permanent home, and more storage for my sewing machine and accessories!

Inside Scoop 11

This space is under "the cockpit". This will change as I find just the right pieces to use under there. Currently the wooden boxes from IKEA hold supplies for Tim Holtz's 12 tags. The blue cart holds sorted paper scraps. My computer tower, mouse and keyboard are under there as well. I use that computer just for my photos, so it's not used a lot.

Inside Scoop 10

This is what I call "the cockpit"! Don't bother me while I'm there! Lol! The hanging baskets and buckets are from IKEA. My Copic marker collection has now out grown my buckets so I'm going to have to rethink that idea. I love having all my different adhesives I use all the time right in front of me. The other basket has tools that I use all the time, such as the Tiny Attacher, tissue tape, baby powder and corner rounder. The big scissor hanger is from Hobby Lobby. I NEVER work without my craft mat, it is a lifesaver. My under cabinet lighting, also from Ikea, is just fabulous. I have three different sets and I can turn them on individually.

Inside Scoop 9

More of my crazy little corner. We mounted the tv/computer monitor on the wall so I would have more desk space. I love my pen carousel housing my Distress markers, tools and other necessities. I love having my stickles hanging right where I can grab them.