Friday, July 25, 2008

Just One More Thing

Earlier this month I had a couple of charges on my credit card that were not mine. No problem, the credit card company actually flagged it and called me on it. They changed my number and sent me a new card.

Today when I went to Sam's Club I had to go to customer service because I had misplaced my Sam's credit card. I thought I just put it somewhere like I sometimes do and forgot where it was. The super nice older guy behind the counter said that he would call it in for me. Good thing he did, someone had taken my card that same day and charged over $300 at Rainbow Foods, and over $300 at Target! And get this that card had my face on it! I really feel yucky about it. Some icky person stole my credit card with MY FACE ON IT and scammed Target and Rainbow Foods. What is going on!?

Speaking of theft... A little while back I had changed the buy two get one free stamp table, and by the end of that day some creep stole my little card holder that looked like a tennis shoe. Now that sucks because those were my girls'. I actually talked them out of them so I could use them at the store. Thanks to whomever stole that, you are one stellar human being.

This one is even better... The other day a customer was asking about Jessica's card class. I told her it was 7 cards and a card box. She said there are only 6 cards here. I walked around the counter and counted them a bunch of times and thought I was going crazy. I thought for sure maybe it was laying around somewhere. Nope some creep stole it. Now who in the world would give someone a card you stole from someone else. I would love to blame kids for this, but mostly I have adults shop in my store. Wow, why not ask me I might have given you a card maybe even the tennis shoe.

Sorry I vented on you guys I just have had enough of theft. It costs me so much just to keep the doors open at the store, so when people steal from me I take it personally. So instead of buying product I'm investing in cameras, sucks because for $1000 we could have had a lot of great product instead of cameras. Oh the joys of owning your own business, I could go on for hours! I'll stop now!



I can't believe another woman would steal from a woman trying to run a business! I'm mad at them too. I love your store, your product and the large selection (Keep it coming)! I would NEVER shop at ANY other scrapbooking store (ANY!). I always get greeted when I walk in the door, and guaranteed you always have a smile on your face(Love your personality)! I don't know what I would do without you! Keep your chin up! Denise


Ditto to what Denise said. It takes all kinds to make the world go round doesn't it?!?! Wow! Hang in there...there are more people rootin for ya!


yeah there are some not so nice people in this world. just remember that there are also tons more that only want success for you and Ron! I'm so thankful for your store and all you do to keep it here! don't let those icky people get you down, you're a wonderful person and they can't stop you from being you!


Hang in there Sis! Some kid stole my Debit card once, and cleaned me out too! The kid was a minor, using my card and signed a different 3 different stores! Who knew it was so easy to spend other peoples money! Mean people suck!


OMG! I can't believe the crap goes on in Pine City like that!
I'm still in the cities working, and I see that stuff all the time here, but not there!
So sorry Marni, wish I could give ya a hug!