Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Excuse my mess

If you happen to pop into the store tomorrow please forgive the mess I have created! Lynn and I tore apart the store to do a trial set up of the booth for CKC. By the time we were done we had a huge mess! I didn't bother doing anything with it since I just have to pack it all up on Wednesday night. So I'm pretty excited about exhibiting this weekend. I'm really just anxious to get this week behind me so maybe I can start thinking of Halloween!
One of the room mom's from 1st grade asked if I had received her message about helping with the Halloween party next Friday. I had the deer in the headlights look because I did notice a message but have been either running out of the house or dragging myself into the house so I haven't listened to it. But little Ella saved me! Yes my 3 year old is more responsible than good old mom! She pipes up: "Yes, it was about the games." And she was right! The mom goes: "Yes that is right it is about the games!" I'm not sure how Ella knew this but hey maybe I will have an assistant one day! And she's family so she has to work for free! Really I just wanted to disappear! I really need to stop and refocus. I make myself too busy, and I'm not sure how to stop doing it!
Ron has been in Iowa to make life worse so I've been playing single mom for a few days. Okay so the next time I say what does he do all day somebody slap me! The girls and I made Carmel apples on Sunday and the mess is still there! I left it for Ron to clean up. You know we made these for you now you have to clean up trick! Anyone know how to get the Carmel out of the bowl or should I just throw the mess away! Note to self buy Carmel apples next time. Oh yeah, I decided we needed M&M's on them. The next day all the M&M's slid off. I took a picture of the mess! When Lauren woke up Monday morning and saw that her creation had slid off the apple she started to cry! I forgot the put them in the fridge step, oops!