Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've had concerns about the lack of windows in the retreat center. The reason being...we couldn't due to lack of easement. My building is exactly built on my lot. Another reason, cost. Being none of the windows would have been in the crop area it seemed a waste of money, that we didn't have, to spend in that area. I looked at it like a cruise ship. When you go on a cruise there aren't windows in the cabins. If you would like a tiny porthole, window or balcony it costs big bucks. But really if you're on a cruise you are out and about and not in your cabin unless to sleep. I was thinking this same way when we built the retreat. Most of us just want to work and get the pages or projects done and sleep is an after thought. So why put windows where you probably wouldn't need them. I do see down the line, when funds allow, putting in a window in the kitchen area and putting in a door with a window in the back entry. So if the lack of windows concern you, come and take a tour I think you'll see that it really isn't such a big deal. If you need to see out, come into the store we have huge south facing windows with an awesome view of the park! We have extended hours at the store for full retreat weekends from 10-10, you can look out all you would like.
I hope this answers some questions that you've had about the windows.
The stove is another issue! We could not put in a stove without having a commercial kitchen. I have no idea why it had to be that way really, but that is what I was told. We have supplied a commercial hot plate, electric fry pan and convection oven for your convenience. The convection oven works like a regular oven, you just do not have to wait for it to preheat! I love mine and use it a lot. I don't have patience to wait for my conventional oven to preheat!
Just a little FYI for you.


Carol McG

You are exactly right about the need for windows. Our thoughts were not on what it looked like outside but on what it looked like right in front of our work area. Take a walk around the downtown area if you need a break from scrapping; there are lots of opportunities for window shopping and planning your next retreat. A stove would be nice, but not necessary. The convection oven worked great for our group. Still one of the best retreats I've been at, even with no windows and no stove!


Thanks for the thumbs up Carol! I've heard that some people are not booking because of the window issue. It's nice to hear from someone who has stayed and not as close to it as I am!


We really did not notice the no windows issue. You get so busy scrapping, you don't pay attention. I think you also don't get as tired because you don't know if it is dark outside or not. Who needs windows anyway, you are suppose to be scrapping, not looking out the window. Like previously mentioned, if you feel the need to see out side, then go out and walk around.The convection microwave is cool, and it does not heat up the place like regular ovens do. Can't wait to return for our next retreat.


Thanks guys for posting your opinions! I was so focused on the scrapbooking and sleeping at the retreat center that the windows only came up when we talked about fire safety. My thoughts were to spend the money that the windows would cost in the sprinkling system, bath and heating and cooling. I thought those were much more important. Besides the view that would have been out the rooms really stunk, so they would have to have been covered because no one wants to look into a condo or a pole shed!
I have put 4 years of thought into this venture. But hey, it takes different people to see different things. So watch for remodeling down the rode!