Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Products

I've been busy today, I checked in new products!

Flair- Christmas, Halloween and Easter?! (I'm ahead of the game!)

Moxxie- Track, Baby and Wedding

KI Memories- Back To School

Pink Paislee- Pop Culture and Vintage Moon. I love the transparency, and the chipboard TopSider is just super cool.

The new buy two get one free stamps are going over great. It's not too soon to be thinking about those Halloween and Thanksgiving cards.

People are loving the new Amuse stamps, you've got to see them. They are so cute you can't just pick one!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Lauren lost a tooth today. That's number two! She was so excited she has been wiggling it for weeks. She was very afraid that she would loose it in the pool at swimming lessons. Eating ice cream was very scary because what if she lost it in the white ice cream?! Tonight she had me scare her to see if I could scare it out. Then Dad kissed her goodnight and it came right out. Who knew?! Maybe now she'll be able to eat corn on the cob!

Ella had to take a look at it and just shuddered! That's okay Ella, when you had a boo boo at the pool Lauren almost threw up from the blood!

So she has it under her pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to come. Just in the nick of time too, we're off to MOA tomorrow perfect chance to spend a couple of bucks.


I finally got the new Amuse stamps checked in and put out today! These are so super cute! I didn't know where to start ordering these stamps because they were so cute and I wanted to order them all so I went for Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I did throw a couple of extras that I couldn't live with out!

I checked in the new buy two get one free stamps too. They did a great Halloween collection! I was impressed, they always seem to surprise me.

Here's what is waiting for me on Wednesday:

KI Memories

I warned the UPS guy today and let him know that I've tons of goodies coming in. He gave me the big eyeball roll!

Retreat center bookings are on the rise as people are planning their fall and winter weekends. Make sure you get together with your friends and book your weekend. We have great dates available!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not To Brag

I hate to brag about my retreat center, but I just have to share this with you.

Before we opened the retreat I wanted to do a dry run weekend. Well, it just didn't work out. This year my birthday ended up on 8-8-08, I told Ron hey you should plan a birthday party for me. Then I thought no, let me do my own planning. So I invited just a few friends to the retreat center for my birthday to finally do our dry run.

Oh my gosh, now I know what people mean when they say they don't want to leave. Neither did I! We all had a blast, even though most of us had to get up at the crack of dawn with 2-3 hours of sleep!

All my planning and agonizing really paid off. The things I freaked out about like no windows and no stove didn't even enter in my mind. We had so much food to eat no one went hungry. Windows, who needs windows we were too busy laughing, talking and scrapbooking to worry about what was going on in the outside world!

Can't tell you much about the beds as I didn't move the 2 hours I was in it! Loved the shower and dressing rooms. I do need to put a shelf in each for more room to put your things. Nothing a little trip to Menards won't cure.

We all had plenty of room to scrap. We did rearrange the tables to sit in a big square, but the pods in groups of 4 would have been just fine too.

Thank goodness for the wi-fi so I could google the words for Margaritaville for my flip flop book (you should check it out, it was for book club that I had to moderate the next morning!)

A special thanks to my friends at book club for putting up with me on 2 hours of sleep!

The table size was perfect. I am a super messy scrapbooker and even I had enough room. The lights on the table were just perfect because I hate fluorescent lights.

Chairs were perfect, but now I need one at home!

Yeah for the craft mats so I could xacto knife on my flip flop book and not pull something else out of my bag.

I loved that I could plug into my ipod and we could listen while working.

I love that we have a separate eating area so I didn't mess up my flip flop book!

We had plenty of counter space for food. I have great friends that can cook so we had 3 huge crock pots plugged in and one smaller one with chocolate! (Did I mention that we had awesome food?)

I love that the chairs rolled super easy on the cement floor. Actually Andrew wheeled himself into the kitchen for more food!

I thought it was pretty funny that Pat The Builder Guy crashed the party just as I figured. I know Heather was not impressed!

I was happy I only cried once!

It's not so bad being 39. But like Heather said after this I'll never get a year older. I'll just be 39 forever!

Thanks to my friends for making my 8-8-08 birthday one I'll never forget. I'll be planning our next party.

Hello Everyone

Ahhhh I just got the kids to bed, put my feet up and thought hey I better work on my blog!

So whats been going on... New Prima at the store, I'll be checking in the buy two get one free stamps on Monday along with new Flair paper. Oh just wait until you see the new Amuse stamps we got in. I've never ordered from them before and I finally broke down and ordered a bunch of Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving stamps.

Vendors have been calling me left and right letting me know that products should be arriving soon! So watch for the store to be changing soon!

Marge added a ton of new clearance products. You're going to love the great 50-75% off deals you're going to get. We're going to kick of September with a huge cardstock and pattern paper sale. Trust me you're going to get great stuff at a super great deal!

Stop in and see me this week. It'll be a great break from all the school shopping!