Thursday, October 9, 2008

More New Product

I forgot that I ordered the Basic Grey Dark Chocolate albums, and Chocolate Chip albums! They are pretty cool. I also got in the buttons that go with the paper collections. The granola paper packs came in today too. Yesterday I got in a surprise package from Prima. More flowers!

I'll be teaching book club on Saturday. But other than that I'll be hanging out at home for the weekend.

We're having a little change in our class schedule. Both A Muse stamp classes will be on Saturday. We still have room in the 'Tis The Season class and Fall Fun class. You'll be learning great techniques with the Copic markers. This is a great chance to see that they are much more than just a marker!

We are offering kits for the Vintage Photo class and transparency class. Stop in the store and pick one up. If you can't make it to the store we would be glad to send you one! Get one before you can't!



Wow I have just heard about your retreats - just wish I was closer, especialy as you stock unity!

Michelle looks like you have an amazing store! I wish I lived close by!! I would love to be able to attend your classes and stay in your retreat center. Such a great concept! Hopefully Unity Stamp Co. will have a retreat & I can come visit you there.


I think I need to move to Minnesota :) Your place looks FABULOUS!!!
I'm with Michelle....if Unity has a retreat and I can manage to fit it in, I'd come and visit too!!


Oh, how I wish I lived nearer. A scapbooking retreat sounds like the best time.

Julie Masse

Wow!! This sounds so wonderful!! How about you move it all to Maine??? !! We need something just like this!! :)


WOW, I was just checking out your site, so wish I was closer! I see you have a retreat center...Oooo, I think Unity should have a retreat there! ;)


Sounds like you have a great store - love that you have Unity (of course)!!! Hip Hop!


Found you through Unity. Wished I lived in MN!


YAY! Thanks for supporting Unity. I love the idea of a retreat location and a scrapbooking store in one location. too cool!


Wish I was closer so I could attend a retreat! SOunds like so much fun! THanks for carrying Unity!

(Christine Jensen on scs)


I hopped over here from Untiy. Your retreat centre looks very cool! Wish I lived closer!

Molly Joly

Enjoyed your blog!


I'm the same as everybody else, wish I lived closer! Love your blog!


Oh I'm loving your blog! What a fun idea for the retreat!


What a great site and I love the idea of a scrapbooking retreat!! I cam here from Unity also


Your classes sound fun! Wish I was close-by!

Pam's Pride

This retreat sounds so fun! Wish I lived closer!

Lindsay Spencer

I would be right there with the Unity gals. We really should try to make arrangements. That would be a blast. It sounds like your retreat place is amazing!


I would love to come to your retreat...if I only lived like 8 states closer... How awesome!


Sounds lovely!! Wish I lived closer. Or you did. :) Think I would have booked a this weekend for my birthday. :)


ooooh I sooo wish I lived closer to you...might have to plan a trip anyway. Your classes look really fun too. Good for you for stocking Unity!

Missin' My Army Man

Your store and retreat center are awesome. I'm like everyone else. I wish I lived closer. But hey I've never been to Minnistoa before.


me too!.........closer :(

Paula Laird

Wow, y'all are awesome! You have two of my favorite stamp companies: Unity and A Muse! If I'm ever up there visiting, I am stopping in and shopping my heart out!


Your retreat space looks great!


This looks amazing! I wish I lived closer, I would totally be there!

Janet S

I, too, wished you were closer to me! It would be a little too far to drive from the Detroit area. I hope you have lots of success with this endeavor(I am sure you will!).


I soo wish I was closer too!

Jodi Clausen

Your place sounds wonderful!!! AND I just found out your store has UNITY...they are the BEST!!!! I am in Madison,Wi...I'll see if I can mapquest where you are, as you are the closest place I have heard of for retreats.


Wow neat retreat center.... just wish I was closer....


I think it's unanimous: we wish you were closer!

Deb Neerman

Dang, I don't live any where near your store!

I've never been on a scrappin' retreat but I'd love to give it a try!!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Your store is amazing!! It's so HUGE (we only have one TINY store here), and all those classes and the retreat center...oh, I wish I were in Minnesota! I'll be signing up as a follower...what wonderful inspiration! I'd also like to get a heads-up if you host a retreat with Unity...though you may have your hands full of all of us 'Unity Junkies' if that ever happens! ;)


I want to stay at your retreat! Do you think I could talk my husband into a vacation near there? I'm glad we got a peek into your awesome place!


OH MY! If I ever make a trip to visit Unity I know where I will be staying for a few days! I could use a good retreat! I'm in heaven just thinking about it


Been surfin your blog and what great stuff you have. Your store sound great and you carry UNITY stamps. That is so cool.


I too wish I was closer --- love UNITY


Found your retreat center and blog thru Unity. Looks like an awesome place and lucky me I do live in Minnesota! I feel a road-trip coming on soon!!

scrappin' happy

I used to think Utah had the best of the best when it came to the scrapbooking and stamping industry but I think between you guys and Unity- Minnesota is becoming the best of the best in the scrapbooking and stamping industry. Wish I lived closer but I will make it out there someday and can't wait to stay at your retreat! ~Shannon Laux


WOW WOW WOW! I just heard about your retreats through the Unity blog. What an awesome place you have! I wish I lived closer! Beautiful store and retreat center. The girls that get to go there are so lucky! You have added another reason why I need to convince my dh to move to Minnesota.... haha :)


Oh man, I would love to go to one of these things. Maybe I can come out sometime, these events sound like a blast!


I wish I could at least take a vacation and visit you all! I just heard about your store from Unity and wow - your store/retreat sounds fabulous! Instead of taking my hubby I'd have to bring my fav scrapbooking buddy though! I don't think that would go over too well. hehe!

Dawn K.

your stuff is beautiful!


Hi! I found your blog via the Unity blog. Love the projects you made! :D I will be sure to visit your blog often!


Purple Princess

Found your blog through the Unity Blog. Your place looks awesome!


the retreat sounds so wonderful, found you through Unity.
Too bad I live in CA & soon to be Florida, visiting Minnesota would be so cool!

Cindy Vernon

Found your site through unity!


Your retreat center looks like a good time. Washington is a bit too far away to just go on impulse! Maybe I should plan a vacation!


I found you through Unity Stamps blog and I so remember wonderful getaways I used to go on. Your place sounds great!!!


Your store and retreat center look like a lot of fun! Thanks for supporting Unity!


WOWsers...looks like an awesome store...and a retreat also...sounds wonderful.


Very nice! Congrats.


Mmmmm....something to think about for my next trip to the "lower 48".


I was sent here from Unity..and it is really interesting! Should I ever end up in Minnesota (from Washington)I'll have to stop in.

Stephanie Wright

What a fantastic combination -- scrapbook store AND retreat center. Wow! What a fun time that would be!! Glad you carry Unity!!


oooooh I wish I lived nearby!!!!!!!!! your classes looooook fantastic!


Oh, i wish I lived closer, so I could join in on your retreats. They sound great.


We have nothing out here! No scrap store, no Michael's no Hobby Lobby! Man I wish I lived near your place! Thanks for supporting my favorite stamps!


I hopped over from the Unity blog! I wish my local store had Unity! You guys rock!

Lori a.k.a. eeyorestayl

Saw your link on Angela's blog! Wish I was closer - your place sounds WONDERFUL!!!


Ohh I wish I could come and scrap it up!!!


Congrats on being the FEATURE STORE this week for Unity Stamp CO.!!! I feel so blessed to have your store only a few blocks away! Love, love, love it!!! Thanks for carrying unity stamps too! Can you tell, they're pretty popular with all these gals? I'm so excited to design for classes to show off unity! So happy for you, Marni! You're famous!

Toni K

This is a great idea, to have a retreat center and a scrapbook store in the same place! Sounds Dangerous. If I'm ever in Minnesota I'll stop by!

Lori Mueller

Oh how I wish I could attend your sounds heavenly! What a KEWEL idea for those that need a get-away to accomplish what they love to do.


Where the heck have I been and why haven't I checked out UNITY STAMPS? I'm totally ashamed of myself. OMG - YOU GUYS ROCK!! I wish I was living in Wisconsin again, but only for you guys! LOL

Keep up this wonderful company...WOW, I'm in shock!

Sheila in Texas


I got to your page from Unity. It sounds like you've got some incredible classes and FUN stuff going on! I wish you had something here in WA -- hint hint! I could use a little retreat and fun right now!


Your store looks great :-) we have no where local to shop for Unity (although they have fabulously fast shipping!)

Your projects look great, sure wish FL wasn't soo far from Minn-eeee-sota :-)!


Came here from Unity blog too. Was just at the Mall of America in September. Love Minnesota; I'm from IL.


Wow...the retreat space looks amazing! I wish I could come live there. :)


Hi there, I came here from Unity Stamps. Would love to go on a retreat!

Paper doll

Hello!! Visiting from the Unity blog

Lee (LuvLee on SCS)

Wow a retreat sounds sooo awesome!!

Lisa F

I would also love to come to a retreat! I love that you carry unity stamps!


Oh, why couldnt you be in NC??? your site is awesome, and so is Unity!!! WTG!


A store and a retreat center too! Awesome! I'll be in the area in January and will be sure to stop by!!


I feel a road trip coming on! What a great place you have. Not too far from home for me since I live in Minnesota. Love that you carry Unity and so many other great items!


Your store and retreat center looks fantastic! I'm jealous of those close enough to go.


wish I was the meantime, i'd be happy to win that July kit! :)


Come through the unity blog. What a giveaway, i wish I was in that part of the world to visit your store.


Great place you've got!

Candace H

Lots of cool stuff going on there at Pine City! Love the "tip of the week"! Thanks for supporting Unity Stamps... we love Unity!

Heather Parks

Wow, your store looks awesome as well as the classes. Too bad your so far away.


just got here from the unityco blog, looks like you have interesting stuff going on.


Your retreat sounds fabulous and I can get my Unity there too! A bit of a trip but it might be worth if I could convince the hubby to take the kids for a week or so...hmmmm

arlsmom aka Lynda

Looks like an amazing place!

Karen S.

I heard about you through Unity. I wish Minnesota was closer to Texas!!


Like many others I found out about your fabulous, unique store and retreat center through Unity Stamp Co. Like everyone else I wish I was nearer to Minnesota!


What a great store you have!! Great blog!!


Your blog is fantastic! Your store looks great too - love that you have Unity stamps! Shawn