Saturday, September 27, 2008


What a fun and exhausting day. It is so fun to do events at the store, but very exhausting. Linda K summed it up today when she said it's like company coming! When I have an event at the store I put my all into it. I like to have the store neat and tidy, brimming with new product and I agonize what to bring in new to surprise all of you! It's so much fun to entertain at the store it almost feels like when I have a gathering at my house. Isn't that strange?

I have to do a shout out to my fantastic friends (how many times have I said that word today Marge Brown?) Speaking of Marge Brown! Hey girl you rock! We make a pretty good team, thanks for all of your late, late nights. I love our pep talks, you have great insight! Kris my neighbor from across the street from the hardware store! You knocked my socks off! You helped me so much I could never repay your kindness. Lynn B my new Sis! Wow the fabulous cookies, that awesome dip, and did you see how cute the front of the store looked today? Ya that was all Lynn's decorations from outside her house! She loaned the entire thing to me! Linda R thanks for your patience on the balloon run today! You are so good with our customers helping them find product, teaching them how to do projects, demoing... Linda K, you have so much patience. Thanks for your help on the countless make and takes. You my dear are one in a million! Mr Glenn K and Nathan, thanks for the nourishment! You gave us the steam we needed to help the crowds! Mom, thanks for all the time you donate with my children. If it weren't for you I would not be doing my life's dream! My girls will have the fondest memories when they are my age of their Grandma. Thanks for your time, love and patience! Oh my dear husband Ron. You deserve a medal for putting up with crazy me. I know some days you have to wonder what planet I'm from. Thanks for believing in me, I could have never done any of this without your help, support and time!

I couldn't run this store with out the help of all of you and many more people that help me out.

So it is time to look forward to getting in new products for the upcoming classes, ordering for CKC and the Crop in Duluth!