Monday, November 17, 2008

We Took A Little Day Trip

Ahhhh a day off...What to do? Really I needed to stay home and do laundry but I also needed some quality parenting time with the girls. Ron had a great idea to go to Duluth to the Aquarium. Off we went. I was so excited to see the empty parking lot, I love to go to places like this at the off time. We practically had the whole place to ourselves, loved it! So yes it was a little pricey, but we had a ton of fun and it was worth it.

I, like a good parent, had fed my family cupcakes for lunch so we were starving at this point. We've been wanting to eat at Hell's Kitchen forever so today was the perfect day Sunday 4:00 no crowd, just my style. I am a huge fan of Gordan Ramsey so I had to eat at a restaurant with the name of one of my favorite tv shows. Believe me this had nothing to do with Gordan. The ambiance looked cool, at first. Then it just seemed not so, I don't know. It's hard to explain but I have this thing about ragged menus. I HATE ragged menus it makes the place just seem dirty. So we waited forever for this food that was bragged so about in the ragged menu I had read. As I'm reading at how wonderful the food was at this Establishment I couldn't help but worry that I was going to have icky food.

So lucky me here came the food carried out by tattoo girl. I was horrified by the sight. (Not of tattoo girl because my daughter is a tattoo freak, but by the food!) Everything was overdone, well with the exception of Ella's burger that was pink. Yes PINK for a three year old, were they trying to kill her?! The restaurant is poorly lit so I thought how bad can these incredibly brown french fries be? Oh yes they were so overdone they were inedible. So tattoo girl came back to see how everything was and I only complained about the french fries, not my burnt toast on my club or my burnt bacon or Ron's fishy overdone fish. I asked politely if the fries were always that color? She said yes with a tone like: are you a crazy woman or what fries are always burnt to a crisp you idiot! So she went back to the kitchen and interrupted the party they were having to make a new batch of french fries. She brings them out and sets them down. Ron and I looked at each other with such disbelief. They were WAY undercooked, raw in the middle. Okay you know what, I'm over it just give them our $55.00 and lets get out of here.

Ron says he would like to try it again. I'm thinking I'll keep my $55.00 and buy something cool with it!