Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clearing Up The Rumors

Ron and I are proud to announce the opening of our new business venture: Scrapbooking In The Pines in Pine City MN! We are very excited that our dreams are finally coming true. We have been thinking of doing this for 4 years. Now it is time to turn our dream into a reality!

We are in the process of purchasing a building in Pine City MN to do a 24 bed retreat center, crop room, lunch room, scrapbook and stamp store.

As some of you might know I am currently co owner of Divine Memories in Pine City. Those dynamics are about to change, but the products I plan to bring into my new location will be just as good and better as ever. You might also know that I have been doing 99% of all the buying for Divine Memories for the past 4 years. So I assure you that you will love what you see in the new location.

We are planning some great features for the retreat center. One of the big benefits is that there will be one set price for a Friday and Saturday stay. It will not differ if you have 24 in your party or 3. The price will be the same. There will be a weekday break as well as a Thursday and Sunday break when tied to a weekend, we will be talking about prices in upcoming blogs. The retreat center will have a handicap accessible bedroom and bathroom. We will be having extended store hours for your convenience as well as special amenities! We will be revealing those as we go along in our building process.

We will still have an instore crop area that will actually include lockers so you frequent croppers can rent space and just leave all of your things at the store! Our store will double in size, not only for more great product but to be handicap accessible. Wi Fi will be available throughout the store to serve you better as well.

I hope to be getting a floor plan from my builder soon to post them so you can all check it out.

I plan on booking rooms in about 30 days. Our retreat center is due to open in April 2008. Our scrapbook store: Pine City Scrapbooking Compay will be opening Feb 1 2008.

We are very excited about the move and the new venture. I hope you will visit our blog often to check progress and book your rooms. In future emails we will be letting know how you can book your rooms with us to ensure the weekends that you really want.

We can not wait to share our dreams with you!