Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pine City Flea Market

Here are some of my new finds from the flea market on Wednesday. My new collection is LuRay dishes these are the first in the collection, hey it has to start somewhere right? I just couldn't pass these beauties up! I bought them from a cute old lady for $25.00 Just a little over a buck a piece, not bad at all.
So I need more baseballs for my jar but hey it's a start!
Tami you really must come up for the flea market sometime it is so much fun!
After we went out for lunch with my Mom and my long lost brother Pete (ha, ha!).

Wanna see the bear?

So we had another bear in the backyard. Yikes this one was big! I was completely freaked out that is why all my pictures are fuzzy! The girls had just been playing on the swing set not 2 hours before he came strolling through!

More Pics

More Pics

Anniversary Crop

We had so much fun at the anniversary crop! You know I could become addicted to those crops. It felt so good to laugh and unload my brain! It really is the best therapy! And guess what? I even finished the projects I brought with to do. I was very proud of myself!
So our dear Lynn won everyones heart as employee of the year. She really took the cake when she fluffed Tami's pillow and made her bed.

Let's hear it for us ladies who tri-fold our underwear!!!!
Cheers to Linda for the great card idea she taught us all!

Thank you, thank you to Donna with sucker written all over her forehead. I do believe it was one of the best things you could have bought for $8.95! You little chippie you!

Oh Marge your little twitterpated sure got us laughing!
McDonald's coke anyone?

Thanks Janet and Marsha for putting up with us! Janet is ready to come back for more!

Our two Friday night girls really thought we were nuts!

Who won all the prizes? John Henry?

Aw Peggy you rock!
Kris even stayed up past her bedtime! Can anyone say who ate the last cookie without sharing?????

Poor Savannah missed all the cookies!
Poor Linda K tried to ignore us!

See you must join us for a crop, we have so much fun! Laughter is the best medicine and we have plenty to go around.
Here are a few photos of our fun fest!