Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello from the road!

Hi Everyone do you miss me yet?! Tee Hee!

We took a little drive to Eureka Springs today. Wow what a road trip! Man no wonder this place closes down during snow or ice. I was so scared driving up and down these mountains on these super narrow roads! The view was spectacular as long as you didn't look down into the bottomless ravines! Eureka Springs is beautiful Ron and I would like to go back but maybe without the girls! The Victorian houses were amazing to say the least! Lauren and Ella were unimpressed they did think running around at the look out stop was the most fun of the trip! All they have on their little minds is the POOL! So on the way back to the hotel we maybe got a little close to the center lane while meeting another man driver maybe getting a little close to his side of the center lane and I FREAKED out and yelled: "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US? DRIVE WITH BOTH HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL!" So after that Lauren and Ella were sitting quietly in the back seat and Ella pipes up: "Ya, Daddy was trying to kill us!" So I had to explain that Daddy wasn't trying to kill us and tell her what I really meant! AHHH the kids my stories will tell the teachers about their trip to Arkansas!

So we're MAYBE toying with the idea of staying one more night so we can go on a cave tour and a drive through zoo. Is a drive through zoo really safe? Hummmm can the animals break window glass...I've never heard of someone being killed in a drive through zoo...I have to stop thinking about it or I will chicken out!

Tonight after supper I dropped Ron and the girls off to take a dip while I went to Hobby Lobby and bought what else? Yep scrapbooking supplies!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello From The Razorback State

We finally made it to our final destination! Ahhhh unpack for a two night stay in one spot. I am sick of my mini van that is for sure! And need I mention my adorable two daughters? Yes they are driving me CRAZY!

I don't know if any of you heard about our first day on the road?! We obviously got a late start on Saturday seeing that I hadn't even started packing until Saturday! When we finally did leave on Saturday it was about Noon! We got through the Twin Cities fine then around Lakeville things got dicey! The roads turned into a huge mess. We started seeing cars in the ditch so we slowed down and just took our time, then we saw more cars in the ditch. Then cars turned into roll overs and SEMIS in the ditch! When we hit the north border of Iowa on it was treacherous to say the least. We saw so many cars, trucks, suvs, semis, campers, trucks with trailers in the ditch we couldn't even count them all! We figure there were between 50 - 90 vehicles in the ditch between Southern Minnesota to Des Monies! No joke! I prayed and prayed the entire way. The blowing and drifting snow was unreal. At one point things were looking up except for the 50 mph wind gusts when we happened on a huge drift in the snow. And sure enough just after the drift the ditches were littered with cars in the ditch. Everywhere you looked there would be more cars in the ditch, they looked like matchbox toys! One poor guy stopped to help another and got rear ended, yeah there was only HALF a car left after that one! They had caution tape on the cars that they had gotten people out of so no one would stop to help and get hurt.

So at this point I'm thinking winter car travel is not my thing! After my frightful trip to Bismarck and now our frightful trip to Arkansas!

The temps aren't bad after leaving the deep freeze. It's about 45-50 out. The girls can't comprehend that there is no need for polar fleece winter hats. So they look a little dorky wearing there polar fleece and parkas!

So I guess it's off to supper then we're hitting the pool. We're staying at my favorite hotel in Bentonville called Simmons Suites. The girls like it because the pool is full of pool toys! It's kinda like staying in Sam's club but fancier! Everything here is from Sam's club! They even leave you treats in your room and fridge! We're going to eat the ice cream after the kids go to bed, shhhh don't tell!