Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm trying to line up...

I'm trying to line up a special guest to do the make and take for the Holiday Open House on November 8th. If things work out okay I'll let you know ASAP. We've got our fingers crossed! Trust me if this goes through you won't want to miss this make and take!

We've also decided to extend out Holiday Open House over two Saturdays. We will also be entertaining you November 15th as well! We will be doing another free make and take all day. We also have our cupcake crop going on that same day.

I'm trying to line up a special guest for that day as well. If it goes through I'll let you know as soon as I know! Keep your eye on the blog for details.

Holiday Crop

Join us November 8, 2008 for a Holiday Crop. We will be cropping from 10 - 10. All Holiday croppers will get to do a free Christmas make and take. Lunch will be Subway with a Pizza Pub dinner. Santa has left a gift for all of our holiday croppers come and see what he has left for you. The cost is $30.00 per person. Payment is due at time of sign up. Call 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot. Ho Ho Ho!


Wow did last weekend really happen or was that all a dream?!

The show at the River Center went great. We saw a lot of familiar faces and met a lot of great new people!

Savannah got lost both days trying to get there! I screamed both times I had to go down that parking ramp. You know I thought I was pretty cool as a teenager squealing my tires. It's not so much fun at 39! Miss Savannah also lost her car in the parking ramp. We were teasing Savannah about it while we were searching for her car and come to find out there was a guy wondering around looking for his car too!

So the stencil guy just about drove us crazy all weekend. If I ever do this again I will request a booth on the other side of the building. We totally memorized his spiel! That guy was quite the salesman.

On Saturday I headed up to Duluth to do my make and take for the crop up there. Wow, you guys really should check this crop out. It's for a great cause put on by the nicest women you could ever want to meet! The crop is in the lunchroom of this private school with a view that is simply breathtaking. They had an awesome silent auction with the coolest stuff! They feed you breakfast, Famous Dave's and Olive Garden! I think I should make their crop a mandatory employee meeting and get my girls up there to have fun! I was so happy to walk in and see familiar faces!

So I set off to head down to St Paul. I got a little lost so I ended up going down the hill. I heard what I thought was a jet airplane. I thought to myself, I didn't think Duluth had that big of an airport. Then a little while later I heard it again. I thought could that noise be me? No it must be a helicopter. Then I thought if it is my brakes they will cool off and be fine. I stopped in Hinckley to eat at Hardees before heading back to help pack up at the Rivercenter and I heard that same jet plane. Now I know Hinckley doesn't have an airport that can accommodate jet planes. IT IS ME! When I went to go through the light my van was making a horrible clunking noise. So when I safely got to Hardees I called my Mom to come and rescue me. So that put a stop to my drive down to St Paul at that point. So Ron when I complain about a noise in my van maybe you'll believe me next time! My van is back home and fixed. It was my brakes and they were completely shot. I guess after 163,000 miles I 'd be shot too.

I'm back to work tomorrow, it feels like I've been gone forever!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Excuse my mess

If you happen to pop into the store tomorrow please forgive the mess I have created! Lynn and I tore apart the store to do a trial set up of the booth for CKC. By the time we were done we had a huge mess! I didn't bother doing anything with it since I just have to pack it all up on Wednesday night. So I'm pretty excited about exhibiting this weekend. I'm really just anxious to get this week behind me so maybe I can start thinking of Halloween!
One of the room mom's from 1st grade asked if I had received her message about helping with the Halloween party next Friday. I had the deer in the headlights look because I did notice a message but have been either running out of the house or dragging myself into the house so I haven't listened to it. But little Ella saved me! Yes my 3 year old is more responsible than good old mom! She pipes up: "Yes, it was about the games." And she was right! The mom goes: "Yes that is right it is about the games!" I'm not sure how Ella knew this but hey maybe I will have an assistant one day! And she's family so she has to work for free! Really I just wanted to disappear! I really need to stop and refocus. I make myself too busy, and I'm not sure how to stop doing it!
Ron has been in Iowa to make life worse so I've been playing single mom for a few days. Okay so the next time I say what does he do all day somebody slap me! The girls and I made Carmel apples on Sunday and the mess is still there! I left it for Ron to clean up. You know we made these for you now you have to clean up trick! Anyone know how to get the Carmel out of the bowl or should I just throw the mess away! Note to self buy Carmel apples next time. Oh yeah, I decided we needed M&M's on them. The next day all the M&M's slid off. I took a picture of the mess! When Lauren woke up Monday morning and saw that her creation had slid off the apple she started to cry! I forgot the put them in the fridge step, oops!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Wow was I busy getting ready for CKC today! I've been checking in products like a crazy woman! Ron brought my display up to the store so we can get it all set up and looking cool for Friday. It's really going to look cool. Thank goodness for good friends and good junk. Just to let you know before you throw out anything that looks remotely cool call me first. A friend from WAY back stopped in the store and asked if I would like any doors. Wow, and they worked just perfect! I couldn't believe that someone hadn't told her I was looking for old doors! So if you get a chance Friday or Saturday stop down at the CKC event at the Rivercenter and check out my rockin' cool booth!

Monday, October 13, 2008

One Word

One Word...Cuttlebug!

Okay, okay have you ever known me to say one word? Two of my teachers have been going on and on about Cuttlebug (JK)! So finally I did it. I ordered two machines and a bunch of embossing folders.

So if you would like a demo on the Cuttlebug just stop in the store and we will show you how it works! I haven't even taken the time to play with it yet, but I'm sure I'll be tearing into the box tomorrow.

The two machines that came in are both spoken for but I'll be putting them on reorder. If you would like to preorder and prepay for your machine I will give you a 15% discount on the machine. This offer will be good until November 13th. Give me a call at 320-629-9960 and we can get your machine ordered!

Hello Unity Groupies!

Wow was I surprised with all the new visitors. I hope you all stop by often to check us out! Thanks for all of your kind words, I really needed it.

When I first saw Unity at CHA in Anaheim I was really impressed. It just took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon. But I am very happy I did! I have a great teacher at my store that really was the one who was behind the nudge to order the stamps. Jessica is super talented and has been using the stamps in the classes she teaches for me. One day we made a date to order the stamps. When she brought in her stamps and samples that was all it took I was in love with these stamps. What great designs and the value!

Jessica and I will do our best at spreading the word at how awesome Unity stamps are!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More New Product

I forgot that I ordered the Basic Grey Dark Chocolate albums, and Chocolate Chip albums! They are pretty cool. I also got in the buttons that go with the paper collections. The granola paper packs came in today too. Yesterday I got in a surprise package from Prima. More flowers!

I'll be teaching book club on Saturday. But other than that I'll be hanging out at home for the weekend.

We're having a little change in our class schedule. Both A Muse stamp classes will be on Saturday. We still have room in the 'Tis The Season class and Fall Fun class. You'll be learning great techniques with the Copic markers. This is a great chance to see that they are much more than just a marker!

We are offering kits for the Vintage Photo class and transparency class. Stop in the store and pick one up. If you can't make it to the store we would be glad to send you one! Get one before you can't!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More New Product!

Just when I think I'm done checking in new product Chris the UPS guy drops off another little box of fun!

Today I checked in new stamps by Rubber Stamp Tapestry. I love these peg stamps! The are awesome with flower soft. I ordered in a bunch of new Christmas stamps. Stop in and check them out.

Creative Imaginations sent me a box of Christmas fun. Ohhh I love the vintage Christmas. Hey even my husband thought it was pretty cool without even being prompted by me!

My reorder of stamp of the month came in today too. Wow these stamps are popular it's only the 7th and I already had to reorder!

I also got in a bunch of great baby papers as well.

So tomorrow I will be busy getting it all priced and put out on the shelves while dreaming of all the great projects I could do!

We still have space at the Friday night crop. Give the store a call or stop in to reserve yourself a spot. 320-629-9960

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall is in the air

What a fun day we had on Sunday! Every year we go up to Bayfield for the Apple Fest. Every year I say we should stop at this pumpkin farm we drive by. This year we stopped and what fun we had! This guy has tons of pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and more! The girls talked us in to going through the corn maze, twice! It was a beautiful day for it and who could resist? I have to say if you're in for a drive you must go here. There are no crowds, it's just a cute mom and pop kind of place perfect for great photos! I absolutely loved it! Next year we're going to go to Racheli's and get our gourmet deli sandwiches and have a picnic lunch. Racheli's has the most delicious sandwiches, crostinis and gorgonzola dip that you could ever eat! We've been stopping at Racheli's for about 2 years. The place is a work in progress, and the family is super nice. I have to say that the sons that work with the father are pretty hot Italian men. They leave me a little tongue tied! Both of these places are in Ashland WI about a 2 1/2 hour drive from my house but well worth it.

Oh and the Apple Fest it was great too! Tons and tons of people! It was another great parade and great apple pie. Too bad I spent all my money at the craft fair, pumpkin farm and deli I left without even one apple! Note to self, next time bring more cash!

By the way I'm trying to see if I can get Racheli's to cater one of the meals for the crop up in Bayfield for us in April. It will be under one condition, the hot Italian men must be the ones to bring the food!

Don's Berry & Pumpkin Patch
27190 US 2 West
Ashland WI 54806

Vikki Has A New Class

Vikki has a new class for you, One sheet wonder! Make 15 cards from one sheet of pattern paper. This is a great way to get a lot of cards done in a short amount of time. Is this the year you are going to send out handmade cards? Or have you sent out a million handmade cards and dred making them again this year? This is the class for you!

Date: October

Give us a call at 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot. Please bring your basic tool kit to class.

New Class To Add!

Jessica was busy today and brought in her class for November!

She made 5 beautiful cards, an adorable paper clip and a super cute sleeve that holds a powdered drink packet.

Jessica always has such great cards. I love the colors and the stamps she has used.

Jessica's card class will be Saturday November 15, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. The cost will be $15.00. If you can not attend the class kits will be available for purchase. Call 320-629-9960 to reserve your spot. Remember to bring your basic tool kit.

Class pictures

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fuzzy Dot Ribbon?

Oh yes, you are going to love this! I had to do a special order for a customer, and how can you just order one spool of ribbon? I can't so I had to order some super cool stuff with it. I'm loving the fuzzy dot ribbon! Thanks to Tami for the heads up about it! I also got reindeer ribbon, bats and ghosts.

You must stop in and check out our new line of stamps at the store. I promise you haven't seen anything like them before! I'd tell you what the new line is but you must stop in and see them for yourself!

New Cosmo Cricket came in I love the new Christmas line! The new black board is super exciting.

Stamp of the month is super cute. Get the new snowmen while you can he has been flying out the door! I have already reordered 3 different stamps.

I have been a busy, busy girl. So busy in fact that I just found a container of yogurt in my bag that has been there for two days. Ewwww! Do you ever have days that you think you have just about every minute planned out and suddenly a monkey wrench is thrown in and your whole day has been put upside down and shaken? Ya, that has been my week! Ahhh there's always hope for next week!