Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Really Need A Boat Oar

Ron and I just got back from a marathon trip to Arkansas! No joke! Ron was planning on going to his meeting by himself, but I just couldn't let him drive all that way by himself. So I hopped in the van with him and 11 hours later we were in Arkansas. My mother stayed at our house with the kids. We returned home about 10:00 p.m. Saturday night. Our stay down there was short but I did find a few great decorations for the new scrapbooking retreat!

Ron was busy putting closets, tables and chairs together. We are still waiting on our electrical inspection but so far so good! The place looks great! I've been busy making window panes to put up in the bedrooms. I've got a bubblegum pink one done, next one I have layed out is a western theme. The last one I have to do is a great big window and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that one.

Alert: Some offensive languge used. I use it only to tell a story, not to offened anyone.

Here's a shout out! I NEED A BOAT OAR! Not a good boat oar. One that looks like it has been laying out in the weeds and is even rotting! I have looked high and low and have given up on my search. I have the perfect decoration for the Camp Lakeview bedroom but I can not find a boat oar.

I hate to go with plan b because... Okay here is the story: A long long time ago my dad wanted a canoe. My mother thought it was senseless because she was terrified of water. Besides we were kinda poor, and the money could've been used for something useful. Anyway my dad usually got what he wanted so he got his red canoe. I only remember the red canoe laying upside down in the weeds as a kid (man I wish a had a picture of that).

Okay now where was I going with this story... Ah yes, fast forward to 2 years ago give and take a few months. My mother and I went down to the twin cities to see James VanPraugh the psychic . We were sitting towards the back when he started reading a guy ahead of us. This is sort of how it went: By the way this guy could not relate to any of this, but we could relate to all of it. He asked the guy about a canoe, and an old tackle box that had been misplaced. He was stuck on this for a long time repeating it over and over. Then he said someone had passed with something with the belly, and had a lot of pain. He kept repeating, those God damn doctors didn't know what they were doing. Then he asked if he knew a Marge or a Alfred?

My Mother and I were going crazy and knew this reading was for us. The red canoe was huge, my dad loved it so much he wouldn't sell it, he let it rot in the weeds instead. My mother had just been hunting for a tackle box for my cousin Dan that was my Father's Brother's tackle box and she really wanted Dan to have it but couldn't find it. My Dad died of complications of a AAA which is an abdominal aortic aneurysm. When my husband found my Dad dying he was in a HUGE amount of pain. My Dad was out of it for the month he suffered, but when he did speak some of his first words were: get the God damn doctor. My Dad would totally say that the God damn Dr's didn't know what they were doing. The Marge and Alfred... Alfred is my Grandpa on my Mother's side and of course Marge would come with him, Alfred was her dad and Marge is my mother's sister whom had just passed. WOW!

Before the reading he took us through meditation, which I have taken to like a duck to water. I've meditated all my life through cronic pain from Lupus. Anyway after our meditation my Mom and I who were pretty much sitting alone, looked at each other funny. I asked her, did you smell that? And she just shook her head with those funny wide eyes she does! We both smelled perfume out of nowhere!

So my Mother and I have decided whomever goes first will ring the phone to let the other one know that we are watching out for them. My mother retired from the telephone company, we thought that would be a great sign from above!

So anyway this is why I need a boat oar and why it is so important to me. Oh yeah and the Camp Lakeview, it gets its name from my Dad's business that he had forever Lakeview Printing.



Great story. I remember a lot about that red canoe. It meant a lot to me as well. If you look in my garage today, you will see my red canoe. I had to have one as well. The apple never falls to far from the tree...


Hey, I know this is my Brother, but which one?



I think I have an old wooden canoe paddle somewhere. Will that work? Do you still need it?