Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday Night Crops

Remember every Friday night we have crop night from 5:00 to midnight at The Pine City Scrapbooking Co Inc. If you are lucky enough to have Friday off you can come at any time you wish. The cost is $10.00 and you get food, pop, prizes, candy, chips and use of our tools and room. Each table is approx. 3x5 with a comfy adjustable chair.

Here is a reminder of our crop room rules:

You may use our tools in the workroom, please return them when you are finished so others may use them too.

At the end of the evening please pick up after your self.

Please respect others space in the crop area. We need to leave space to let others move about the crop area.

No unpaid merchandise in the crop room. Please place it on hold before bringing anything to the crop area.

Please pay for any hold tickets, and start cleaning up by 11:30 p.m.

You must be at least 13 to join us for a crop. We have to stick with this rule for the comfort of the other guests. Safety issues are always a concern, as well as consideration of the other guests. Just about all of our croppers use our room to get away from home to be without the distraction of children, phones and obligations. If you can not stick to this rule you will not be able to crop with us on Friday nights.

We love our young croppers, I have two of my own plus an older one! If you would like to crop with them, make a date for a Saturday and come with them and use our crop room. Call ahead to make sure the room isn't reserved. All we ask is you help them use the tools, clean up after yourselves, and watch them carefully in the store. Young croppers get distracted so feel free to bring them snacks, and keep the time limited so they don't get bored. I'm just speaking from experience with my little ones.

Remember our in store crop area is open as long as we are. Monday - Thursday you may use our crop area when you wish. We ask that you call ahead and make sure there isn't a class or that it isn't reserved.

Come one come all to our crops, we just ask that we all follow the rules so everyone is happy.

I thank you all for being understanding.