Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Infamous Bear

This bear has been nothing but trouble since the day I met him. Ron and I were in and poking around the building before all the old fixtures were out when I came across this bear. I put him a box full of stuff of another guys so he'd unsuspectingly take it with him. Well, one day we were up at the new store cleaning with the girls and low and behold Ella found him and Lauren snatched him away from her. The fighting I tried to prevent started. This is exactly what I didn't want. If there is one bear, you must have two because these girls just do not share! Soon after that the bear disappeared, thankfully! About a week later I was in at the new store poking around when there I spotted him on a pile of lumber. Yikes, he's back! I told Pat the builder, get rid of that bear he's trouble, the girls fight over him. So Pat the builder guy assured me he'd get rid of the bear as he strangled him. So it's about a week after we opened when I was trekking across the store and I stopped dead in my tracks. There on my front table was the bear! He's back again. A little while later Pat the builder asked if I had noticed anything different in the store. Ha Ha Pat the builder very funny, now every kid that comes in the store fights over that bear! So I'm keeping that silly old bear, maybe I should put him under glass!