Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Don't Mean To Disappoint

I hope I don't disappoint anyone but I didn't even go near my scrap space today! I really was going to do my rock and roll layout but I really needed a day off. After I got Lauren off to kindergarten and Ella to her nap I sat in my comfy chair and watched Martha while I ordered food for the store! Yes food! Rhonda and I went down to the Gift Mart last Sunday and were sampling food and I thought what a great idea, tasty candy! I also ordered 20 different quilts for the retreat center. That was very hard to pick!
I had to close the store for Linda tonight and I had a pleasant surprise, two of my chandeliers came in for my funky rooms. Boy are they wild! The girls just squealed when I opened the boxes. I'll be lucky if I don't have to order two more for them! I'm doing funky felt wall hangings for headboards in those rooms, with big giant felt flowers on the wall. It's going to be very cool!
Our new billboard went up today. They did a pretty good job. I'm not that crazy about it. I had Colors By Craig do my sign for the store. The day he came in to design the sign we kinda hung out for a while and talked about things I liked and I showed him a drawer pull from one of the old pieces from the old Mercantile. He and his wife went home and designed exactly what I had in my brain! No joke, these two are awesome designers. The best part is they listen and pay attention to detail. I have to confess, DO NOT TELL PAT THE BUILDER GUY! Since they hung the new sign, I don't hate the pine trees on the store front anymore. I have complained about those things from the start. But now that the sign matches the building I think I can live with the pine trees!