Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things Are Really Coming Along

Wow, the transformation on the retreat center is fantastic! The bathrooms now look like bathrooms, the bedrooms have doors and door knobs, the floor is beautiful, we even have tile! I feel sorry for my poor electrician hanging all my fancy chandeliers! He's not so crazy about the orange, pink and turquoise one!
The construction workers weren't as crabby today, the poly smell wasn't so strong. Pat the builder guy was so grumpy that I brought him donuts this morning so he would be happy. I can't have that bad Chi around you know!
I don't know if you know but I'm taking the store on a field trip on Saturday to Woodbury to do make-n-takes for 250 people at a 3M convention. YIKES! Anyway I got a bright idea to do a story board about the retreat center. I bought a piece of white foam core, but I couldn't bring myself to get the job done. Then I had an idea, why not make it fun and do the layout on an old window. And so I did! Ron brought me in and old dirty window and I went to work. I was to lazy to clean it off so I was working with it dirty thinking I would get around to cleaning it the next morning when I was fresh. The more work I did with the window the more I liked it dirty! So instead of cleaning it the next morning I hair sprayed the dirt on! It looks so cute. I mistakenly asked Pat the builder guy what he thought. "It's dirty." He said. I said "Of course it's dirty I wanted it that way." He said "I just don't get it." And I thought to myself, that's why I'm the designer and you are the contractor! No offense here, I couldn't pound a nail to save my life! So I had a couple more dirty comments on my window from a few other customers. Later my daughter Savannah came in and said "oh Mom, it looks just like you. Leave it to you to take a crappy window and make it cute." Yeah, Savannah knows how to make her momma feel good! So I'm keeping the crappy window, and after the convention I'll use it in the store so you can all take a peek and see what you think.
Ron is up at the store now building me a new display out of ladders to bring with on Saturday. You know me I can't do anything ordinary.
The UPS guy kept me busy today. I got in a huge reorder to take with to this convention. I ordered this awesome candy line for the store. I couldn't resist! Who knew I like pecans? A ton of new Jolee stickers came in today. The are just so cute!
I gave Ron orders to post the latest retreat pictures on the blog for me. Please forgive the quality, I used my bad camera so the pictures aren't the clearest.



I am really interested in seeing the pictures of the retreat center. Do you know when they will be posted?