Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Had A Celebrity Encounter!

All that worrying for nothing! My children were perfect going through security, and even while we waited an hour to de-ice! It was so funny, after we were de-iced and started towards the runway Ella announced: "I gotta pee!!!". She could have announced that an hour ago, but no she had to wait until it was too late! I got her mind off of it with cookies. Ella is an easy bribe! A guy came walking down the isle during the flight and told Ron that he had been on many flights and couldn't believe how well behaved our children were! He handed them each $5.00 and told them to buy something fun with it! We had the best people on the flight with us!

Who do you think we rode on the airplane with? Marjorie Johnson! You know, the cute tiny old lady that is always on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She used to be on with Rosie O'Donnel all the time too. I had to admit I was star struck and too shy to paparazzi! But on our way to baggage claim she was in the elevator with us! I couldn't resist! I said: "Marjorie, I had your chocolate chip cookies the other day." She said: "You did?" With that adorable voice. I said: "I did, my friend made your recipie and they were the best I've ever had!" She said: "Oh I am so glad you liked it. I never know if people will like my recipies!" Yikes, even Marjorie Johnson doubts herself? Boy, I don't feel so alone. She gave me just the boost I needed to go to this convention to bring you guys back the best of the best! So that was me, star struck!

I have walked about 10 miles today! Everything is within walking distance, kinda! Let me tell you their maps are NOT to scale!

I just got back from the Creative Imaginations party. Of course they did a great job on the new releases. I'm ordering baby, birthday, new foils, some of the new be line, FFA. I took a picture of my favorite thing there. It is called the Timothy Wall Scrapbook. I also loved the chipboard crowns, great for a birthday party, oh yes and the Creative Lifestyle. It has headbands, bracelets, epoxy stickers, felt pockets (I'm seeing mini books with these), felt buckets. Yeah, I liked this better than the Creative Cafe. But I loved the new tickets with the creative cafe. If I can just order those I'll do it because I think they are so cool.

Okay, now I'm rambling. I need sleep. Tomorrow at 9:00 it's off to the races to check it all out! Wish me luck!

I'm already homesick!

P.S. For some reason my spell check is not working, so forgive me!



mommy i miss you soooo much i started bawling when i read this. but i'm really glad you're having fun! give the girls and hug and kiss and tell them i love and miss them. okay i can't stop crying so i'm gonna stop writing now. i love you sooooo much. have lots of fun!!!!!! Tell Ron hi and i love him too.

~Your number one