Monday, May 12, 2008


Oh the shopping never ends. Today Savannah and I went to Target looking for the toys on Lauren's birthday list. Did you know they now have Fancy Nancy toys? If you aren't familiar with Fancy Nancy books you really should check them out. Lauren and Ella love them, I do too because I love the illustrations. If the book has bad pictures I don't buy them! I'm terrible about judging books by their covers!

Anyway after an expensive stop at Target and Cub we were hungry. I talked Savannah into Taco Johns because I've suddenly become addicted to the chalupa. Sometimes I can't stop myself from thinking about how I will get my next one! She absolutely refused to go in so we did the drive thru. The guy asks us if we would like a medium or a large meal. We went for the medium because we had to save room for dessert. I pull up to the window and he hands me out this enormous soda. I couldn't even grab it with one hand it was a two hander! Savannah and I instantly cracked up uncontrollably. I mean my goodness if this was the medium you must need a small trailer to carry the large! We laughed hysterically, I was laughing so hard I couldn't see to drive through the tears!

So Savannah and I were wondering if anyone ever just cracks up like that or are we just the crazy ones. Now I just can't crack up like that with just anyone. Savannah and I usually have one really good crack up on any shopping trip we go on. Brenda, from the Hastings Scrapbook store can crack me up like that as well as an old childhood girlfriend Deb. Around just about anyone else if I feel like I'm going to crack up like that I totally suppress it because I know that they'll think I'm crazy. But you know after I have a good laugh like that my heart always feels lighter, and things don't feel as stressful as they once were. So my tip of the day is just have a good laugh. Not a tee hee, but a good old ugly laugh with tears, the ole' cross your legs you're gonna pee laugh. You should do that at the very least once a month. So please let us know if we're just the crazy ones or what!?

Oh yes, the shopping trip continued to the thrift store. I found a great side table and table cloth for the retreat center and Savannah found a new couch for her new apartment. Oh man if you could see the odd angles to get into this girls apartment you wouldn't believe it. Poor Ron was going to cut her box spring to get it into her apartment! Savannah settled with a twin bed instead. She got a great deal on the interesting looking couch. It reminds me of an Archie Bunker couch! We're going to jazz it up with old embroidered pillow case pillows. So we bought the couch now we had to get it into the van! With a lot of shoving, pulling and pushing we got it in! Ron is going to wrestle it down and into her apartment tonight.

So that was my fun for the day. I hope all you Moms enjoyed your Mother's Day. I know my Mom and I did. We went and had Olive Garden, yum. After that we came back to our house and had birthday cake. My Mother also turned 76 on Sunday. Lauren turns 6 on May 16th, and my Mom turned 76 on May 11th. Funny!

So on Mother's Day I was getting ready and thought to myself, gee I hope Dad sends me a cardinal to let me know he's thinking of us on Mother's Day. When I went downstairs and was snuggling in the chair with Ella, I looked out to my bird feeder and there the male cardinal was. I just said: "Hi Dad." Another odd thing that has been happening since my Father got sick is a bear comes through my Mother's yard once a year always at this time. My Dad always wanted to see a bear in the yard and never did. Then while he was laying at the hospital dying a bear came into the yard while most of my family was visiting. Now each year after we've had a bear in the yard at the same time each year. The year after he died the bear came on my Mother's birthday, the next year it came on Lauren's birthday, and this year we haven't seen him but he destroyed the bird feeder on Mother's birthday.

Tomorrow I'm off to Mystic Lake for a scrapbooking retailer conference. I need to be there before 9:00 a.m. Yikes, I've never driven there, I've only ridden with Rhonda so this should be interesting! I hope to bring back cute make and takes to share ideas with you all.



I was just wondering how it was going with the retreat center. Have you had good response to it?


Oh man mom, no one is saying "oh yes we crack up like that all the time, you are crazy"...does this prove the inevitable??? we really ARE insane? :D

I love you!!
Your #1

PS, I laughed so hard I cried just reading this and this is the second time I read it HAHAHAHAHAHA now that's bad!


PSS. I meant "you aren't crazy"