Sunday, January 20, 2008

Things Are Coming Along!

Wow, the store is really taking shape. Ron's hard work on the floor is really paying off. Today I was just told that we can not use the pink toilet because the bowl in not elongated so it doesn't fit code. You couldn't have told me about that little detail before I made my husband drive to Minneapolis to get it??? These little rules and regulations that keep popping up are about driving me crazy! You sometimes feel that the city would rather make so many hoops to jump through you won't open a new business. I realize that these rules are in place because of a reason, but... So many rules were broken previously that I feel we are being held up and above what most are held. Could just be me, but why make mountains out of mole hills? Okay, now I feel better that I vented!
On a lighter note... The sprinkling system guy will be starting his job on Friday, the counter will be going in on Sunday, Ron will be polying the floor on Friday and Saturday night. The electric will be inspected on Monday, and the sheet rock and slat wall will be going up this week sometime so the painter can come in! Yikes it will be a busy week! I will just continue to check in product and get ready so when I get my 1 day to put the store together it will look fantastic for you guys! When I ask Pat the builder guy when the store will open, he just keeps saying I am trying my best to get it open on the 1st of February. All I can say to that is: Are you done yet?