Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've Been Working On My Website...

I have a list of amenities for the new retreat center on the website. I'm still working on the what to do in Pine City, my brain has quit for the night so I'll finish it another day!
The store is sheet rocked! Wow, I have to say it really does look like a store. The slat wall and bead board is up. Ron is making great progress on the floor. I haven't seen much of him in over a week! This morning he was commenting on how he feels his arms have gotten longer! That sander is tough on his body. I forgot my camera the last two days. I'll run up tomorrow and take a couple of shots to share with you.
I've been busy working on booking retreats. Make sure if you want a weekend book now, I have 8 weekends on hold right now for people I'm just waiting on payment.
The website has all the rates, policies, amenities. If you have more questions feel free to email me.



I've had so much fun reading all the entries in your blog & checking out your new website for the Store/Retreat Center. I have passed on the web addresses for both to all of my scrapping buddies. Will be looking forward to your opening & will be sure to come over (from Grantsburg)to check it all out!!


i'm soooo glad things are moving along for you! i really wish i could be there more often and i hope to move things around so i can at least come see it soon. i love you mommy!



I guess Savanah answered my question from my she around now or off at school.
Good to see a post from you! Hope to see you at the new place this summer!
I have shared the info of the new retreat on a Minnesota forum for crafters... free advertising for you!


I can't believe how fast things are coming together for you and your new business. I'm excited to see all your "new" items and your inovative ways to display the "old" treasures...Hey...word on the wire is you love finding and using unique display items to showcase your creations..."like a dress form from Aunt Marge's?" me! Love the Website/blog area! You should be prepared to have your business explode!