Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Little Sign From Above

I believe in the ever after as I call it. I believe that our loved ones send us signs in different ways and as long as you are open to it you'll get the signs from above that you need. Some of you know that I lost my Dad almost 3 long years ago. We were very close, he was my first love. No, he wasn't a perfect Dad but I still respected him and loved him because he was who he was. I still miss him everyday. Before my Dad died he would kid my Mom and I about believing in the otherside. I told him when he died that if he could send me a sign send me a cardinal. I had never had a cardinal in my yard before. I really didn't have the right conditions to have cardinals in my feeders. One day not long after he had passed a male cardinal came to my yard when I was at a low point. I took that as my sign. Since then I've had more odd signs of cardinals. One not so long ago in my new backyard. I was again at a low point, feeling lost and alone and I looked outside and I had 10 cardinals in my backyard. I'm thinking I'm not so alone! So anyway on to the story I began to tell you! The other day Ron called home and said you're not going to believe this, but on the display unit (that came with the building and has been in the building from the start) has your Dad's name on it. I brought my Mother up to the new store today to show her, and sure enough there was my Dad's name with their old phone number 473 ring 4. My Mom told me that the Mercantile was a favorite hang out of my Dad's, who knew! Another funny thing is that just a day or two before I was in the building wondering how the fire started in there and I said: I would ask my Dad, but he decided to bail out on me early. How wrong I was he's still here, I just wish I could hug him.



WOW! I believe in little signs too, this one is a BIG sign!
That would really blow my mind.
Alos, I've never seen a real cardinal either, and I have pines just for them! SO I envy you!
Question, work related.... will you be carrying Cuttle Bug or Sizzix items?