Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I really need to decompress my brain!

Okay so you know when your brain is overloaded and you need to rest it when...
I made 7 cute little quick birthday invites for Lauren's classmates at 11:00 p.m. the other night. I carefully typed them out on the computer and proofed them about 100 times. I knew I had one shot at it because my printer ink was low and Ron was gone so I couldn't run to Walmart to pick up more! So I read them one last time printed them, put them on the invites and put them in Lauren's backpack.
Okay so one mom called today wondering what the date was. I was absolutely sure I had put that helpful info on the card. I went to the garbage and looked at the first one I printed and low and behold I DID forget that info!!!!! Wow does that scream rookie Mom or what?
So I called the mom back and said I'm so sorry I forgot the date, and I was sure her daughter had told Lauren she couldn't come because they were going out of town.
BUT LISTEN TO THIS! I don't think I said Lauren in that sentence, I think I said Savannah! Okay so all you mom's who have more than one kid know that we get confused with names and we start at the beginning of birth order until we get to the correct kids name! I'm hoping she has more than one kid and doesn't think I'm completely crazy! She's probably sitting their thinking who the heck is Savannah!
Now after all that do you think you would send your kid off to that birthday party!?
Here's a little something that I've been pondering coming up dangerously close to my 40th birthday...
I always looked at women in their 40's at having there shit together. Like not looking like a fish out of water like I sometimes feel. Knowing just who they were, and what they want, being so confident in social situations. So this is what is so depressing about me turning 40 is that I still feel like that fish out of water, still struggling with who I am, what I want, who I want to be when I grow up, being responsible like remembering to put the date on the 7 year olds party invites! I think I better repeat my 30's I haven't learned enough yet to be 40!