Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I don't even know if I should be writing this but...

When Ron and I built the new store and retreat center we put our all into it. We built it thinking of what we would love to see if we were to stay at a place like this. We take care of it just as well if not better than we take care of our home.

We have met soooo many wonderful people with unique stories through our adventure. Heck I've made some of the best friends I've ever had in my entire life.

I do what I do at the retreat and store because I love it to my core, it is what keeps me going! I love to meet new people who have my same interests.

But it's always those few people that like to drag you down. We have had a few incidences lately with rude guests who just can't seem to get along with others, and excessive drinking.

Here is what MY thought was on coming to our retreat:

1. I can leave my troubles at home and enjoy my craft.

2. No kids and grown ups with like interests.

3. Scrapbookers are friendly, I'll meet new friends.

4. I'll treat the others like I want to be treated and we should get along fine because we are all grown ups!

5. Think and act happy and you will be happy.

Maybe I'm crazy and live in a fantasy world but I do live by numbers 4 & 5. It is what gets me out of bed each day.

So here is the scoop...

When coming to the retreat:

Leave your crap at the door and enter with an open mind, it will be freeing!

Let others into your world by being friendly you just never know when you are about to meet a life long friend.

This is a quote that I like to live by: "Drinking makes you loud and foolish it is stupid to get drunk." I like to enjoy a glass of wine or two myself, but when you are in mixed company moderation is the key.

Treat others how you would like to be treated. It always comes back to you tenfold!

Remember we are all human and make mistakes.

I have never met a mind reader. If you would like to change the channel, use the computer etc...speak up and let the others know. If you are having issues with others or there are things going on that shouldn't be don't be afraid to call the number on the board or let whomever is working know. We can't fix anything after the weekend is over.

Basically just be nice.

I have met some people in my life that are just unable to live by these rules so I do know that they exist. If you can not follow any of these guidelines then maybe our retreat is not for you.

From this day on excessive drinking will not be allowed at the retreat. You will be asked to leave, and you will not be able to come back. You will also not be eligible for a refund.

From this day on rudeness will not be tolerated. We will give you a warning if we need to speak with you on the same matter again you will be asked to leave and you will not be able to come back. You will also not be eligible for a refund.

We have such a few people who fall into the category above, but we do not want to ruin the stays of the many, many of you who have been just a joy to have at the retreat.

Thank you to all of you who are such good guests we love when you come and return! You are why we do this day after day. To those of you who have encountered those few bad eggs, I am so sorry and by changing our policy I will try and weed out those bad eggs for you so you never have to encounter them again!




I think you have expressed your feelings very well. In fact, I would consider giving them to each registered guest befre they arrive and posting them in the center. You have built such a fabulous place, t makes me sad to know that people aren't using basic common decency rules. It's just sad and icky. Sorry you have to deal with it.




I have never been to a retreat where you couldn't trust your belongs to other scrapbookers when you've left them unattended because scrapbookers seem to be a nice kind of people most of the time. We've always enjoyed all the thoughtful people. We had a great time at your retreat center. The only one that was rude was someone who came to tour the center while we were renting it. My friend was showering and had one of the bathroom doors locked while she was in there. This visiting person was very loud and was pissed off that she couldn't get in there and that my friend had the door locked. I was shocked! I know you said visitors can only see the center while it's being rented if it's ok with the renters...which it was. We did tell you about her and even the people that were with her were embarrassed of her. Like Alane, I also think it's a great idea to tell your guests at booking what the rules are....and also let visitors touring the center to know it is like the renter's home and some rooms may be unavailable for touring at the moment.
Good job Marnie!



I think I was staying at the retreat center the weekend you are writing about. I was just told that it was mentioned in your blog, so I wanted to write to thank you for dealing with the situation. My group of 7 women were very uncomfortable with the larger group of women there. It started when we arrived and noticed that they had strategically taken up half of each of the tables and had an attitude when we asked to give up some of the ones they were "saving" so that we could at least sit with another woman we came with. It went from that to them sprawling out their belongings so that we could not walk down the aisles, to the crying baby someone had come visit them, to the two drunk women who were obnoxious and were the entertainment of group. (If you want to go carousing, don't use a scrapbooking retreat to cover it up from your husband.) I think one of drunks even came back from the bar with a shiner on the first night! On the second night out tramping, they slept in the foyer because they, "unfortunately", were locked out! To tell you the truth, we were afraid to re-book because they really did leave a bad feeling about the weekend. I hope that the stand you have made on this will help with future retreats.


Couldn't have said it better myself, Marni :) It's terribly unfortunate that you have to deal with issues like this... but you've handled it very well & I'm writing this to let you know that the vast majority support you!
I've gotta say, we've been there three yrs in-a-row and will be booking again this Nov, and we've had wonderful experiences and have met beautiful women (inside & out) there who we've befriended on an ongoin basis.
I'm sooo glad to have the privilege to use your retreat! Continued luck :)