Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Is On Its Way

The snow is gone but it's freezing out. I love it, I can't get out in the yard to start weeding last years weeds out of my flower beds so I might as well hold up in my craft room!

I've been completely obsessed with making cards I can't tell you the last scrapbook page I made. I do need to get back at it I have to decorate the store for spring and put some new pages out. Surprise...I've been procrastinating! Maybe I will do it this weekend...I actually said the same thing last weekend. I've got photos out to scrap and the paper and embellishments I just need to do it!

I don't know about you but sometimes the hardest part is getting the photos. I'm so disorganized with my photos right now so when I need to find photos to scrap I have to go through tons of...memories. Some of those memories I just don't want to deal with so those photo boxes are a love hate relationship. I have so many photos when my life was "happy". I'll be honest and say I haven't printed  many photos since my new life that I feel like I still just float through. Each passing year does get better, but I do miss those that I have lost in my new life. I miss my cheerleaders, even though they were my parents and they had to cheer for me. Lol!

Ah my crazy life, I wouldn't trade it or the people in it for the world. I'm so lucky to have my family and friends by my side holding me up, standing beside me and dragging me through!

We need at least 20 hugs a day...go hug someone!