Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What? Yes It's me again!

I was just looking around at the ole blog reading past posts and I just realized how much more personal blogs are compared to Facebook. Don't get me wrong I love FB but it seems so cold to me. My posts on my blog seem so much more personal. Maybe because I know only the people who really want to hear from me are reading it because they want to hear what I have to say, not just scrolling by to pass the time away. Anyway enough of that!

I've been asked for three photos. That's it 3 little photos and my what a journey I have been on today. I've laughed, cried, felt sorry for myself, I even could smell things I haven't thought of in years, hated myself, found some deep regret in there as well. Wow photos can take you so many places! It doesn't matter if they are in digital format or the old fashioned print photos ;) there is a reason you took them. You wanted to stamp a time, a feeling a memory that you would never forget...good and bad.

Tis the season to pull out those old photos, fire up the old computer maybe print some out. Even if you don't scrapbook them hang them up, pin them to the bulletin board or fridge. Take a walk in your past and just remember how quickly life goes by.

Somehow I've been too busy to notice that my three girls have grown up to be lovely human beings. It's funny because when I look into their faces it doesn't seem possible so much time has passed. I'm also still in awe that my parents are gone, when I look at the photos it seems like just yesterday I was kissing their faces.

Whew what an emotional day!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an awesome new year!



I agree with so much of this! Although I'm not a faithful blog-reader OR blogger, I do love reading them and they are much more personal. And the important things tend to get lost in the clutter on Facebook so I don't spend much time there anymore.
I also love what you said about photos. I really can't understand how anyone can fail to appreciate them. I love looking back through photos and never tire of looking at my own and others - so many things that I've forgotten and those photos jog my memories.
Thanks for the post!